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A risky relationship

Key elements to the Chair of the Risk Committee and the Chief Risk Officer working together effectively. We were delighted to partner with BDO LLP to hold a discussion on […]

Expanding your influence on net zero

Four ways to reduce emissions in your value-chain Companies engaged in meeting key sustainability targets should already have in place measures to reduce the carbon they produce directly. The ‘scope […]

Non-Executive Director certifications

Many of our members undertake formal qualifications in governance and board work. Here we share some from partners organisations who have good quality offerings at different levels. Whilst we are […]

Embrace a portfolio career

Could you make the move? ‘Going portfolio’ is an appealing option for many as part of their overall career path. Whilst professionals at all levels can opt to balance a […]

Work with us

We are looking for two new team members to join us across our Membership and Marketing team. We are a purpose-led business working to increase diversity in executive and non-executive […]

Make your shadow board a success

Melanie Onn of Renewable UK shares her experience. Shadow boards are becoming increasingly common in companies of all types. Sitting in parallel to the full board, they are advisory only […]

Dear CEO...

Fiona Hathorn, our co-founder and CEO, calls on Chief Executives to take action to tackle People and Culture issues … from the top. We have a problem. We can no […]

A long-term partnership

Scottish Water & WB Directors Scottish Water have had a Corporate Partnership with WB Directors for over 7 years. Our Corporate Partnerships offer tailored support in-house to diverse talent across […]

Why build a Board CV?

Investing time and thought in creating a Board CV is the single most important action you can take to be successful in your board ambitions. But it’s not just us. […]

What next? The final Hampton-Alexander Review

Women on Boards considers the findings of the final Hampton-alexander Review The effectiveness of the Review must lead to more, not less, scrutiny of boardroom diversity. We’ve come a long […]

Celebrating 10 years of Women on Boards

We’re proud to have supported thousands of women into the boardroom over the last 10 years. Thank you to everyone who has been part of this journey and helped us […]