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1-on-1 support: Pre-interview connection

An individual connection to prepare for each and every board interview is included in our Full membership.

1-on-1 support: Pre-interview connection
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We will email you to arrange a time/s of mutual convenience for your service or feel free to get in touch at contact@wbdirectors.co.uk . If you require a service within the next two working days, please contact us before purchase to check availability. You have 6 months to arrange your service, after which it will be deemed to have expired. Refunds can only be offered if no mutually convenient time can be found. No refunds are available after you have received the service.

We offer our Full and Directors’ Circle members a 1-on-1 pre-interview connection for every non-executive board interview they secure.

Our ability to make the right connection for you when you get a board interview is a key part of Women on Boards’ “secret sauce”. Our experienced team offer extensive insight into interview technique and presentation skills to reassure interviewers you are both confident and competent as a non-executive. Equally, we can act as a knowledgeable ‘sounding board’ for those with more NED experience. If required, we will do our very best to connect you with a member with experience on a similar board or sector to gain insight into the specific issues that may be raised at interview.

“Thank you for the board interview prep sessions, they were really helpful and made me feel confident to perform in the interviews.”

“Rachel’s 1-1 pre-interview support has once again made all the difference. It is a real confidence booster and helped me to refine my pitch for this role.”

Our 1-on-1 Pre-interview connections are available to our Full and Directors’ Circle members only for capacity reasons. We ask for as much notice as possible to arrange a mutually convenient time, but are usually able to arrange support even for last-minute interviews. Do let us know your timescales when requesting your pre-interview connection.

Arrange your pre-interview connection

To arrange your 1-on-1 pre-interview support, please get in touch with us at contact@womenonboards.co.uk

Please be sure to:

  • use the same email address as your Full/Directors’ Circle membership is registered to;
  • include the date of the interview;
  • indicate your preferred times for a 1-on-1 call;
  • detail the board and position you are being interviewed for;
  • (if possible) attach your Board CV/application & any information about the role (eg role spec).