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Find your first board role

Where you can find a board role to suit you - and how to put yourself forward successfully.

Applying for a NED or Trustee Role

Non-executive director roles often attract a lot of applications; paid roles, in particular, are very competitive. So rule number one: DON’T simply send a copy of your executive CV and […]

Writing Your LinkedIn Profile to Secure a NED Role

LinkedIn plays a key role in recruitment of all types today. Most recruiters will cross-reference your application with your LinkedIn profile. Having an up-to-date accurate profile is now a ‘must’. […]

The Insider's Guide to Being a Young Trustee

Maya Ophelia, Content Marketing Manager at WB Directors, shares her insights and tips on being a young trustee. Joining a board in my twenties with no senior leadership experience was […]

Securing a Board Position - 5 Simple Steps

Finding a board appointment that suits your interests, skills and geography takes patience, determination and effort. We’re here to help. Our focus is to encourage, inspire and actively support women […]

How to interview effectively - virtually

Sophie Eden Co-founder of Gordon & Eden executive search. Sophie Eden shares her tips in the context of virtual interviews and from her 15+years experience of supporting hundreds of candidates into the […]

What to Focus on When Pitching for a NED Role

Juliet Taylor CEO of board recruiters Starfish Search Having a wealth of experience to bring to NED positions is a clear advantage. However, it can make summarising the value you […]