We are delighted that Ofgem, the energy regulator for Great Britain, will be partnering with us to deliver information and services to their staff about community and charity board roles to help support their leadership development.

This is just part of the regulator’s wider EDI strategy to lead by example for the energy industry on gender equity alongside other progressive organisations in the sector.

We help people to understand the board space and empower them to get their first board role in their community, as a board member of a local charity, sports group or school, alongside their ‘day job’. Over the past decade, this has proven highly effective for female professionals and other under-represented groups to develop and demonstrate their strategic leadership skills as well as contribute to a cause they care about.

Fiona Hathorn CEO WB Directors Women on Boards and portfolio NED

Taking on a board role at a relatively early career stage proves a catalyst for progression. Time and again, we have seen high-talent individuals use the experience gained as community board members to demonstrate they are both confident and competent for those all-important ‘stretch’ roles in their career journey.

We look forward to meeting Ofgem’s employees through our in-house support and as they join our cross-sector boards network to empower them to reach their potential and thrive in their careers.”

Fiona Hathorn, CEO of WB Directors

 “At Ofgem, we strive to lead by example on EDI for the energy sector and are committed to providing our people with the opportunities and information to progress to the most senior levels. WB Directors’ input will be a tangible, practical tool to support this, such as the development of critical decision-making and communication skills.

The energy sector is in the middle of hugely exciting changes with Ofgem playing a crucial role in this change. It’s important to me that we reflect the communities we serve. We are excited to work with WB Directors to support our female leadership as well as those who will be joining us in the future.” 

Jonathan Brearly, CEO of Ofgem

Ofgem’s Diversity and Inclusion Strategy (Sept 22) shows that 45% of the senior team are now women, and 7% of their leadership are now non-white women. This compares to only 31% of leadership roles in the energy sector being held by women. 74% of top UK energy companies have no women in executive board seats, as found by POWERful Women, the gender diversity initiative for the energy sector, annual ‘State of the Nation’ report.

Maria Blakley WB Directors Corporate Partnerships Lead

The Energy Transition is gathering pace, and diverse voices at every level are key elements to ensuring its success. It is vital the energy sector prioritise diversity of thought in decision-making forums and representation from the people and communities we are ultimately here to serve.

I am delighted that we are working with Meghna Tewari, Deputy Director at Ofgem, to support them in their D&I goals; I hope the energy supply companies follow their regulator’s lead to take serious steps to address their own gender balance”.

Maria Blakley, Corporate Lead for WB Directors,

Ofgem’s partnership with us is a positive step towards a more diverse and inclusive energy sector, and we hope other organisations follow Ofgem’s lead.