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Sector Insights

Experienced board members share what it is really like in the boardroom across a range of sectors.

How to Join a Hospitality Board

The hospitality industry includes some of the most well-known consumer brands and has faced significant changes in recent years. Boards play a crucial role in steering the direction of their […]

Juggling a board role with your life

How do you manage your responsibilities as a board member while juggling a full-time job and other important commitments? It can feel challenging to maintain a fulfilling work-life balance when […]

How to Manage a NED Portfolio

Are you new to a portfolio career or considering taking on multiple NED roles and wondering how to juggle them successfully? Every Director’s portfolio is unique – bringing its own […]

Boardroom Insights: Private Equity Boards

Have you ever thought about joining a board in the Private Equity (PE) or Venture Capital sector? Private equity is an alternative investment class and there are thousands of companies […]

Boardroom Insights: University Boards

Ever thought about applying for a board role with a university? Why not listen back to this Boardroom Insights session which broadens your understanding of the range of opportunities out […]

Boardroom Insights: Tech. Sector Opportunities

This session looks at the opportunities in high-growth tech. businesses. We were delighted to be joined by founder of talent advisory business Floreat Ventures, Nicola Mann and portfolio NED Shane […]

Boardroom Insights: The Role of Committees

Board committees play an important role in UK corporate governance Boards will often assign specific tasks which they are ultimately responsible for to committees where the board may not have […]

Boardroom Insights: The Healthcare Sector

Have you ever thought about joining the board of an organisation in the healthcare sector? This sector is vast and broadly covers the provision of healthcare services, medical equipment, health […]

Boardroom Insights: Non-departmental Public Bodies

Public appointments are generally ministerial appointments to boards of public bodies or advisory committees. Public bodies across the UK deliver important and essential public services. This includes large well known […]

Boardroom Insights: Charity Sector Boards

Have you ever thought about applying for a board role in the charity sector? Why not join to broaden your understanding of the range of opportunities out there, understand how […]