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"The support network has been invaluable, because it can get quite lonely otherwise."
Katrina Shelton
Women on Boards member

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“I listened to the Success Story podcasts all the time, and they were a game-changer. I didn’t realise how much of the strategic language and non-executive way of thinking I was picking up, until it all came out very naturally in my board interview.”
Neelu Agarwal, trustee at Second Step 

“Women on Boards were instrumental in supporting me when I was starting my portfolio and the personal contacts were the nudge I needed to go for my first Chair role.”
Alison Vincent, Digital Twin Hub, Chair-Strategic Board



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Our latest members to gain a new board role include:


Lindsay Pellow has joined Open Eye Gallery as a Board member. Lindsay said: “The advice from Women on Boards to focus on organisations I really want to work with and where I can make a difference helped me identify the right opportunity for my first board position, and the insight from the 1-on-1 pre interview support was invaluable, helping me focus my interview preparation on the right areas.”

Eve Poole has joined Woodard Corporation as Board Chair. Eve said: “Being part of the Directors’ Circle has helped me to maintain currency in between Chair roles. Feeling part of such a formidable peer group also gave me huge courage in the process: while I have been a ‘first female’ Chair before, it is support networks like this that make applying for these roles feel normal.”

Rachel Gavey has joined Wessex RFCC as Board Chair.

Sarah Wall has joined Populo Homes (part of Populo Living) as a Board member.

Nia Roberts has joined NHS Wales Joint Commissioning Committee as a Committee member. Nia said: “The professional, helpful and supportive team from Women on Boards really helped me to focus on the skills and experience I could bring to a Board position, and gave me the confidence to believe that I could add value to an organisation at Board level.”

Glenda Brady has joined SMARTCIC Global Services as a Board member.

Shelby Matzell has joined Women’s Energy Network as a Membership Director.

Belinda Howell has joined Defence Safety & Environment Committee as a Committee member.

Lucy Ferguson has joined Northamptonshire Sport as a Board member. Lucy said: “This is 100% due to your support. I have undertaken your training, attended the networking events and found the role from your weekly emails.

Rachel Haworth has joined Mortgage Advice Bureau as a Board member and Chair of Remuneration Committee.

Monica Collings has joined Dalcour Maclaren and Cornwall Insights as a Board member.

Carol Hay has joined Direct Line Insurance Group plc as a Board member.

Davina Goodall-Smith has joined The Royal College of Anaesthetists as a Lay trustee.

Alexandra Sufit has joined Refuge as a Board member.

Tara Foy has joined Aspire Academies Trust as a Board member.

Xiang Fan has joined Numeric Algorithm Group Limited (NAG Group) as a Board member.

Jane Ellison has joined the NHS England as a Board member. Jane said: “I have appreciated the support and encouragement I have received from WoB over the last year, and the chance to network and learn from other women in a similar position.”

Francesca Lee has joined the StemetteFutures as a Board member. Francesca said: “Great to have support for the CV and introductions. But they had such an unusual application process that made it different. Having been on the masterclass, that helped me hone the application.”

Faiza Waheed has joined Home-Start UK as a Board member.

Sarah Walmsley has joined the Sir William Perkins’s School as a School Governor. Sarah said: “I attended two workshops with Women on Boards through my employer. I had started to learn about external roles, the workshop certainly helped me understand the responsibilities and demand on NEDs, trustees etc. The workshops gave me confidence to apply with a well crafted CV, and I started my first external role as a school governor earlier this year. Especially as a young governor, I found it particularly helpful talking to other attendees regarding their experiences, to identify skills which lend themselves to external roles.”

Heidi Hellmann has joined the Port of Inverness as a Board member. Heidi said: “Women on Boards has been critical in helping me to obtain this role, starting with the resources provided to help me create my initial non-exec CV through to providing 1-on-1 interview support. The interview support from Rachel was particularly helpful as it not only gave me insight into the types of questions I might get asked, but also provided useful tips (e.g. if they ask you to provide a 5 min brief on a topic, don’t exceed the 5 mins!) as well as simply boosting my confidence. Thank you!”

Lisa Blake has joined Colchester Institute as Committee Chair.

Konstantina Papadopoulou has joined the Sophie Hayes Foundation as Treasurer and Chair of Risk & Finance Committee.

Amelia Mauger has joined Shenfield High School as a Governor.

Amanda McGuigan has joined The Robertson Trust as a Board member. Amanda said: “Through my employer, I am fortunate to benefit from a Corporate membership to WB Directors. This membership has given me access to a range of materials in the Resource Centre and the ability to attend events. I have found the support around identifying your Board value add and preparing a Board CV particularly helpful.”

Alexandra Slater has joined Creswell Heritage Trust as a Board member.

Monica Collings has joined Swarm Energy as Board Chair. Monica said: “Having stepped down from my executive career, I needed to reframe my experience in a relevant way to build a portfolio career. That’s really where Women on Boards supported me in understanding my unique offering and helping me really position myself in the best possible way.”

Roisin Reynolds has joined the University of Chichester (Multi) Academy Trust as a Board member. Roisin said: “The support from Women on Boards was spot on – I was committed to taking on a MAT Trustee role and Women on Boards gave me the resources I needed to identify a specific role, draft my Board CV, prepare for the interview, and tap into a peer community. The one-to-one interview support was particularly impressive – rapid response times and excellent advice and sector knowledge. I would recommend Women on Boards to anyone that has decided to take on a Board/Trustee role and is looking to manage the search efficiently.”

Pauline Caldwell has joined  The Cambridge Building Society as a Board member. Pauline said: “The ‘Get on board’ course, board CV support and meet the headhunter session helped me to get in the right headspace for the conversations I had with the headhunter and in preparing for my interview. They all helped me position my experience and value add in the best light possible and gave me more confidence as I entered the process. The Women on Boards team have been extremely professional, helpful and down to earth in supporting this process.”

Bronte Somes has joined Universities Superannuation Scheme Investment Management Ltd as a Board member. Bronte said: “Women on Boards UK is a tremendous organisation. The leadership and my fellow members have supported me immeasurably throughout my portfolio NED journey.”

Sarah Laessig has joined JPMorgan Global Growth & Income Plc (JGGI) as a Board member.

Alexia Tye has joined ShareAction as a Board member.

Kate Holden has joined the University of Warwick as a Board member.

Kathleen Russ has secured a number of new board roles, joining BUCS as a Board member, and ICRIR as a Board member.

Paula Haynes has joined Lloyds Register Foundation as a Board member. Paula said: “I was approached about the role through contacts I made through Women on Boards. I used resources from the website, as well as advice from events and online courses. Once again, a huge “thank you” to all at Women on Boards for all of the support.”

Janet Dawson has joined Scott Bader Company Limited as a Committee Chair.

Annjana Ramesh has joined Resonate Arts as a Board member.

Aurelie Saland has joined Be the Business as an Advisory board member.

Tess Gale has joined the Office of the Schools Adjudicator as an Adjudicator. Tess said: “Women on Boards was very helpful in practical terms in identifying potential roles. I attended one of the on-line training events which was useful in looking at the terminology and approach to an up-dating my CV. The role to which I have been appointed was on the vacancies board and I wouldn’t have otherwise been aware of the opportunity coming up that so well fitted my skills and experience. Being part of the Women on Boards community was definitely encouraging, even as an experienced NED.”

Charlotte Wilson has joined Homestart Herts as a Data protection trustee. Charlotte said: “Women on Boards, not only helped me in my board ambition but also in my professional ambitions. The networking built my confidence and allowed me to appreciate and describe my skills more accurately. I have consistently benefited by this valuable network of brilliant minded individuals. I am very lucky to have worked for a company that took out corporate sponsorship with Women on Boards and through this was introduced to the idea of being on a board in my late 30s. I never thought that was possible.”

Anne Davis has secured a number of new board roles, joining CABA as a Board member and RICS Professional Standards Steering Group as a Committee Member. Anne said: “The peer support, training, guidance, and encouragement from the network have been invaluable sources of help to assist my transition from a full-time executive role to a portfolio non-executive career. Thanks very much.”

Lisa Tennant has joined Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) as a Board member.


Cheryl Fisher has joined Citizens Advice East Hampshire as a Board member.

Jo Clift has joined the General Osteopathic Council as Board Chair.

Victoria Moore has joined Rail74 Community Rail Partnership as Board Chair.

Ruth Ireland has joined British Royal Institution as a Committee Member,

Shefaly Yogendra has joined CriticalEye as a Board mentor.

Monica Chadha has joined Marlow Film Studios as a Member of the Board of Advisors.

Rachael Davis has joined English PEN as a Board member.

Megan McCracken has joined State Street Trustees Limited as Chair.

Rachel Smith has joined the Imperial War Museum as an Advisory board member.

Kirsten Achtelstetter has joined Caredig as Board Chair.

Karina McTeague has joined the Dept for Business & Trade as Non-Executive Director, Chair Audit & Risk Assurance Committee.

Fiona Payne has joined Chartered Quality Institute on their Content Advisory Panel.

Karina McTeague has joined True Potential Group Limited as a Board member and Chair of Risk Committee.

Judy Marlinski has joined WNS Global Services as a Board member.

Katherine Sykes has joined CPRE Sussex as a Board Trustee.

Caroline Stephens has joined Churchill China plc as a Board member.

Frances Lang has joined Become Charity as Treasurer.

Tamsin Webster has joined Pirbright Institute as a Board member.

Julia Fuller has joined Pebsham Primary Academy Local Governing Body as Board Chair.

Manuela Pifani has joined Hinckley & Rugby Building Society as a Board member.

Gail Tucker has joined Breast Cancer Now as a Board member.

Sophie Jourdain has joined Salisbury Primary School as a Governor.

Nicola Twigg has joined Hoople Ltd as Board Chair.

Bulbul Barrett has joined Global Smaller Companies Trust as a Board member.

Carrie Briggs-Jones has joined Be The Business Advisory as a Board member.

Rachel Jones has joined NHS Northern Care Alliance Foundation Trust as a Board member.

Andrea Byrne has joined Hockey Wales as a Board member.

Ashlee Williams has joined Yattendon School as Board Chair.

Diane Mullenex has joined Bewys Quantomacy as a Board member.

Jenny Watson has joined Broadland Housing Group as Board Chair.

MB Christie has joined Moneysupermarket Group Plc as a Board member.

Perdita Fraser has joined Digital Catapult as a Board member.

Karen Thomas-Bland has joined Archus as Board Chair.

Julie Currie has joined Space Solar as a Board member.

Sally Everist has joined Stratford School Academy as a Trustee.

Patricia Gestoso has joined Booth Centre as a Board member.

Linda Roberts has joined Equiniti Financial Services Ltd as a Board member.

Pam Jackson has joined Investcorp Capital PLC as a Board member.

Denise Jagger has joined Topps Tiles plc as a NED, Chair of Sustainability Committee and SID Designate.

Nicky Passmore has joined Yorkshire Housing as a Non-Executive Director.

Myfanwy Barrett has joined Shelter as a Board member. Myfanwy said: “With much support from Women on Boards and peers, I built up a busy and rewarding portfolio in the public and not for profit sectors over 2-3 years. I got to the point where I felt I could choose the roles that I really wanted. The vacancy email prompted me to visit the full vacancy board, which I hadn’t looked at for a while, and there was the advert for Shelter. As a result I secured my dream job!”

Ify Jibunoh has joined Be The Business as an Advisory board member. Ify said: “I recently joined Women on Boards and am in the early process of exploring my NED journey. One of the benefits of joining WB is the weekly newsletter of vacancies which gives a great summary of opportunities. I saw the Be The Business vacancy and thought it was a great introductory advisory role to get me started on my journey. Very excited to have been selected!”

Avril Hitman has joined Be the Business as an Advisory board member. Avril said: “I was matched up with a Women on Boards member who helped me prepare for an interview, which was very helpful. Thanks Women on Boards!”

Maria Rosa Torres Sejin has joined the Latin American Woman’s Rights Service as a Board member. Maria said: “Embarking on my first non-executive role with the esteemed Latin American Woman’s Rights Service (LAWRS) has been a pivotal moment, aligning seamlessly with my vision as a leader. Women on Boards UK resources has supported my my journey to the boardroom. Their commitment to empowering women and fostering a supportive community is invaluable. Reflecting on Women on Boards UK podcast, I am struck by the wealth of knowledge and inspiration it provides. “

Tracy Watkinson has joined Time Finance as a Board member.

Judith Harding has joined Southern Housing as a Committee Member.

Belinda Howell has joined Defence Safety & Environment Committee as a Committee Member.

Charlotte Sadd has joined Open Identity Exchange as a Board member. Charlotte said: “It has given me confidence that I don’t necessarily need to have all the answers, have the experience or tick all the boxes, answer every question before joining a board. Knowing I can bring to something unique to the board, and also diversity in thought and approach has been valued by the board that I’ve recently been asked to join as board member again for 2023.

Kate Turner has joined City Asset Management plc as a Board member.

Victoria Cochrane has joined CBI as SID. Victoria: “You have always been amazingly responsive, helpful and supportive. I don’t think I would have made it as a NED if it hadn’t been for Women on Boards.”

Mai Fenton has joined Dallaglio RugbyWorks & Henderson International Income Trust plc as a Board member. Mai said: “I encountered a pivotal moment in my career when I sought to secure my first board positions, and Women on Boards played an instrumental role in this journey. Their membership not only granted me access to invaluable resources but also served as a guiding light in navigating the intricate process of landing board roles. Through their Resource Centre and expertly curated webinars, I gained essential insights on crafting a compelling Board CV, interview preparation strategies, and honing the skills crucial to excel as a Non-Executive Director. The intuitive filters in their vacancy search led me to the perfect trustee position at Dallaglio Rugby Works, where after a rigorous interview process, I was honoured to be voted in by the Board. Furthermore, their educational content prepared me impeccably for an executive search opportunity at Henderson International Income Trust plc, resulting in my appointment as a Non-Executive Director. This pivotal milestone in my career stands as a testament to the unwavering support and guidance I received from Women on Boards.”

Caroline Naisbitt has joined Worcestershire Heritage Arts and Museums Board as Chair.

Francesca Long has joined ENTHUSE Charitable Trust as an Independent Trustee. Francesca said: “I joined ‘Women on Boards at just the right time and found the 1:1 pre interview prep invaluable for defining my board value add – what a gift!”

Andrea Willimott has joined Lumen Housing Blackpool as a Board member. Andrea said: “I applied all the tips and advice obtained from putting together my application, to being able to describe my USP and Board value, would not have dome this as clearly and as structured if not for the Women on Boards resources and support and energy from the virtual networking events.”

Anna Casbolt has joined HomeStart Essex as Treasurer. Anna said: “Women on Boards has helped me to have the confidence to apply for this role. It was great to have the 1-1 session before the interview as I had not been for a board interview before.”

Chiara Macarti Speranza has joined Opera Prelude as a Trustee. Chiara said: “Very much so! I was not aware at all about the fact that there is an opportunity for people earlier in career to have non-exec roles such as trustee positions.”

Helen Humphreys has joined The Central Bedfordshire Group as a Board member.

Sade Abiola has joined North Edinburgh Drug and Alcohol Centre as a Board member. Sade said: “Getting access to the advert, this will hopefully put me on the right path towards chairing a board and influencing change.”

Anubha Shrivastava has joined Be The Business as an Advisory board member.

Prini Pithouse has joined Royal Society for Arts, Manufactures and Commerce as a Committee Member.

Isabelle Rieder has joined Be the Business as a Board member. Isabelle said: “Joining the Women on Board community provided a great platform for venturing into my first board role. They connected me with the right resources and network to enable me to successfully pursue my goal.”

Bhavna Mistry has joined NEBDN as a Board member.

Catherine Hallett has joined St Martin in The Field Ltd as an Advisory board member. Catherine said: “I attended the ‘Get on Board’ workshop just as I was preparing my application for my first NED role. It was invaluable. I was so inspired by the speakers but also the amazing, powerful women who were on the course and just as unsure as me! I used the ‘Building a Board CV’ resources and I won’t lie, it felt quite uncomfortable. After years of a standard (and dull) CV this new way of selling my experience took a leap of faith – but it worked. I don’t believe I would have landed this exciting role without the support of Women on Boards – and this is just the start of my journey.”

Elaine O’Brien has joined Slough and East Berkshire Multi Academy Trust as a Board member.

Emily Shelley has joined Cepic Board as Chair.

Pam Jackson has joined Investcorp Capital PLC as a Board member.

Linda Roberts has joined Equiniti Financial Services Ltd as a Board member.

Patricia Gestoso has joined the Booth Centre as a Board member.

Sally Everist has joined Stratford School Academy as a Trustee.

Lloydette Bai-Marrow has joined The Gambling Commission as Commissioner.

Nicky Passmore has joined Yorkshire Housing as a non-executive director.

Eleanor McGrath has joined Independent Cinema Office as a Trustee/ Director and member of the finance sub-committee.

Susan Webster has joined Aspire Intelligent Care and Support as a non-executive director.

Paula Newton has joined YHA as a Trustee. Paula said: “Following attendance of the CV Masterclass, my CV review and my pre-interview meeting with Women on Boards, I did secure a Trustee role at YHA. I am really very pleased and excited to get started, as there was some stiff competition! I wouldn’t have got to this point without Women on Boards, so thank you very much.”

Susan Adams has joined Climate Outreach as a Trustee and Chair.

Zahra Shah has joined Nexa Quanta Board as an Advisor.

Adam Khan has joined the Money Advice Trust as a Trustee.

Tracy Cherrington has joined Richmond Borough Mind as a Trustee.

Susan Milner has joined Mentoring Plus as a Board Member. Susan said: “Attending Women on Boards events helped me to reflect on possibilities and choices. I don’t think that I would have put myself forward for a trustee role without that prior information, guidance and reflection”.

Kate Turner has joined City Asset Management plc as a Board member.

Jane Crombleholme has joined Manchester FA as Board Chair. Jane said: “Women on Boards provides fantastic support at every step if the board journey. I joined a long time ago and it has given me fantastic networks and real belief in myself as a NED. I used their services to restructure my CV from an executive one to a non exec one many years ago and I encourage anyone thinking about NED roles to use this service. I am a huge fan.”

Isabel Kelly has joined Simply Business Advisory as a board member.

Lucy Sinclair has joined Ambassador Cruise Lines as a Board member. Lucy said: “Brilliant help creating a NED version of my CV. I found the Get on Board seminars and online videos of previous seminars like finance for NEDs really helpful too.”

Leila Konyn has joined Delta Corp Holdings as a Board member. Leila said: “Tremendous help to write a Board CV, which is very different from an executive CV.”

Rebecca Boocock has joined Inspiring Healthy Lifestyles as Vice Chair.

Angela Henderson has joined Wells Fargo Securities International Limited as a Board Member. Angela said: “You have supported me in numerous ways over the years, such as Getting on Board, 1-on-1 Board Resume review, 1-on-1 pre-interview support, and Getting to the C Suite. I could not have built my NED career without you and the network. Anyone who is serious about being a NED should be seeking and acting on your advice. It really works.”

Karen Mitchell has joined Chiltern Music Therapy as a Board member. Karen said: “Thanks for the great online Board CV writing course, it certainly helped me tailor my CV for both my board positions.”

Gemma Casey has joined Cardiff Women’s Aid as a Trustee. Gemma said: “I’ve been intrigued by the prospect of becoming a Board member outside of the day job for a number of years. Only when I joined Women on Boards and started to engage with the content did I allow myself to believe that I actually did have something to offer in terms of transferable skills, experience and networks. This was something I could consider now, and not at some mythical point in the future. Even so, I was stunned to be invited for interview to the first position I applied for – especially since it was one that I felt really drawn to. I’d read about how long on average it takes to get your first position, so I didn’t dare hope it could happen so quickly. I emailed Women on Boards to request some 1:1 pre-interview support – and I heard back within the hour! My session with Rachel was invaluable. I came away with a huge boost to my confidence and also lots of practical steps I could take to prepare for my interview rounds. Between those interview rounds I also attended my first in-person Women on Boards event in Cardiff, hosted by Alison Thorne. This was also fantastically helpful. It opened up for me the prospect of a whole new potential chapter in my life, one where I can use and continue to develop my skills and give something back. I’m so excited to be embarking on my first trustee role. Without Women on Boards, and everything from the first course I watched on creating a Board CV to the in-person support from Rachel and Alison, this would definitely have remained a ‘maybe one day’ on my wish list.”

Pam Vick has joined Be First Committee as a Member and Chair.

Audrey Wycherley has joined RSPCA Assured as a Board Member. Audrey said: “My application comprised of a board profile and covering letter strongly influenced by the Women on Boards CV training – further evidence that the approach works; The online course, Building a Board CV, helped me to create a stand-out CV to secure the all-important first interview.”

Elisa Foppa has joined Fortis Green Kids’ Club as a Trustee.

Anna Kelshaw has joined the Consumer Codes Approval Scheme (CCAS) as a Board member.

Rozy Contractor has joined Field End Infant School as a Governor. Rozy said: “I’ve gained insights and confidence. However yet to land the right board role.”

Saranja Sivachelvam has joined the British Psychotherapy Foundation as a Trustee.

Zahra Shah has recently secured a number of roles, including the Investment Committee at Teamup Ventures and as a Senior Board Advisor, the Pakistan Foundation as a Trustee, Seers as a NED and the Information Commissioner’s Office Technology Advisory Panel as an Expert Member.

Fiona McGowan has joined the Glasgow Sculpture Studios as Chair.

Lisa Blackett has joined the Police Negotiating Board for Scotland as Chair. Lisa said: “I am grateful to Women on Boards for the ongoing support – in-person events, webinars, courses and 1-1 discussions. I was quickly put in touch with another member before my interview which was beneficial both in terms of her knowledge and helping me feel more prepared.”

Nicola Tandy has joined YMCA Essex as a Trustee. Nicola said: “I would never have considered looking for a Board position without being introduced to Women on Boards. The initial welcome and talk was both inspiring and encouraging and really did prove that should you wish you should look at doing this at any age and any stage in your life. The resources available were easily to navigate. This made me look into opportunities that were available and accept the personal challenge to go out and apply. Now I have been voted in a Director on a board, I really do encourage others to go for it!”

Susan Sternglass Noble has joined Fulbright Commission as Finance, Audit and Risk Committee, Chair Designate. Susan said: “Thanks for the support which has given me the confidence and skills to progress my board career.”

Madeleine Milne has joined The National Association For Areas Of Outstanding Natural Beauty as a Board Member.

Caroline Cartellieri has joined Saffron Building Society as NED.

Leslie Stephenson has joined Trident Royalties Plc as a NED. Leslie said: “Women on Boards has provided exceptional support from the initial workshop at HSBC, to the networking events, board CV feedback sessions and introductions to headhunters. I am delighted to be joining the Directors’ Circle as I move on to the next phase of working life.”

Sam Croll has joined 6VT – Youth Cafe as a Director. Sam said: “The one on one assistance with my CV was invaluable as it prompted me to take myself out of my corporate role and think about the work I have done outside of this. In addition, in considering the role, Women on Boards gave me points to think about which helped aid my decision in taking up the appointment.”

Suzanne Clark has joined The Exeter Friendly Society as a NED and Chair of Audit Committee.

Helen Copinger-Symes has joined Nest Corporation as a NED and member of Investment Committee.

Kathryn Morgan has secured a number of new board roles: North Standard P&I Club as a Board Member, and UIA Mutual Insurance as Chair. Kathryn said: “The Women on Boards webinars with stories from other women have been really helpful in building my confidence.”

Amanda Shields has joined Read For Good as a Trustee.

Anne Davies has joined Coeliac UK as a Trustee. Anne said: “Women on Boards’ wide range of support and guidance have helped me to realise that I have the necessary competencies, knowledge and experience to become a NED and begin a portfolio career. In particular, the 1-1 support pre-interview was invaluable for increasing my confidence.”

Fiona Valansot has joined Adfam as a NED. Fiona said: “Coming from an executive background, Women on Boards guidance on how to prepare a NED CV was invaluable.”

Denise Sefton has joined Brain Tumour Research as a Trustee. Denise said: “I met both Fiona and Rachel at the networking drinks prior to my second interview, they were both so supportive and immediately offered support. Being able to reach out to experienced people you trust to guide you as you take your first steps in to a new world is so lovely.”

Adekemi Adebajo has joined Coventry University as a Governor. Adekemi said: “Rachel helped with the interview prep and I found the vacancy on the Vacancy Board. Rachel helped to build my confidence before the interview and also helped me to articulate my skills and sell myself. My.1:1 interview with her helped me to go interview feeling very confident.”

Amy Whitney has joined Sustainability First as a Trustee. Amy said: “I have been supported by the Women on Boards team who visited Linklaters – their guidance over the last few years has been much appreciated, as well as their encouragement to apply for my first board role. The role has really complimented both my personal and professional interests and provided me with the opportunity to expand my network in the field of sustainability.”

Patricia Vickers has joined PLT – Ramsden Hall Academy Council as an Academy Council Member. Patricia said:  “Joining Women on Boards gave me a good understanding of how to take advantage of NED/Board opportunities and how to position myself for my first board role. The 1 on 1 Board CV Review and mentoring session provided me with the additional support I needed to secure my first role as a Chair of an Academy.”

Rachel Jones has joined NHS Blood and Transplant as a NED.

Alison Thorne has joined Welsh Rugby Union as an Independent NED.

Bhavin Shah has joined Sovereign Network Group as Chair of Treasury and Corporate Finance Committee. Bhavin said: “Rachel Tranter was brilliant with her encouragement and support through the interview process.”

Celia Pronto has joined Hostmore plc as a NED.

Alison Rodwell has joined University Hospitals of North Midlands NHS Trust as an Associate NED. Alison said: “Women on Boards provides excellent practical help writing a Board CV and guidance on the process. I have found the network of women invaluable and was able to speak with other NHS NEDs prior to going to interview. Thank you!”

Andrea Willimott has joined Greensleeves as a Trustee. Andrea said: “Women on Boards support enabled me to structure my CV and covering letter to align with a Trustee role rather than an operational role , confidence to present my value added clearly and what I had to offer.”

Caroline Townsend has joined the Independent Association of Prep Schools as a NED.

Charlotte Cobb has joined GLF Schools as a Trustee. Charlotte said: “The 1:1 pre-interview support was incredibly helpful and set me up for success in the interview – it really helped me focus my prep on what was relevant vs not for a non exec interview.”

Karen Mitchell has become a board member at Chiltern Music Therapy.

Angela Henderson has become a board member of Wells Fargo Securities International Ltd. She said, “I could not have built my NED career without Women on Boards and the network. Anyone who is serious about being a NED should be seeking and acting on your advice. It really works.”

Gemma Casey has been appointed as a trustee for Cardiff Women’s Aid. She said, “I’m so excited to be embarking on my first trustee role. Without Women on Boards, and everything from the first course ..on creating a Board CV to the in-person support .., this would definitely have remained a ‘maybe one day’ on my wish list.”

Pam Vick has joined EU Skills as a Committee Member and Be First as a Committee Chair.

Lucy Sinclair has been appointed as a board member at Ambassador Cruise Lines. She said, “The webinars and advice on how to pivot an executive CV into a NED CV was invaluable in getting me started, and helped me land my first renumerated NED role very quickly.”

Rozy Contractor has become a Governor at Field End Infant School. 

Katherine Sykes has been appointed as trustee and NED at Allergy UK. She said “Women on Boards has opened my eyes to the immense potential and satisfaction of being part of a board. It’s a fabulous network to be part of and I’m so grateful for all the help and support you’ve given me.”

Ellen Miller has been appointed as a Committee Chair at TFS-ICAP Limited. 

Caroline Townsend was appointed as a NED at the Independent Association of Prep Schools.

Mallika Mathur Lheritier was appointed as a board member for Taekwondo Villennes Elite.

Elaine Hanly was appointed as a board member at ENT UK. She said, “Having decided to widen my NED search to the UK , I have found my membership of Women on Boards incredibly valuable. In person networking events and participating in a Peer Support Group has given me the opportunity to meet other members in a very friendly and supportive environment. I would highly recommend The ‘Becoming an Effective Chair Programme’ which was insightful and fun. Thank you the team at Women on Boards, always welcoming and available to assist and encourage.” 

Kirsten Achtelstetter has stepped to Chair of the board at Caredig.

Paula Haynes has been appointed as a committee member at the Lloyds Register Foundation. 

Paula Murphy became a member of the Chartered Institute of Securities & Investments (CISI) Corporate Finance forum. She said, “Since joining Women on Boards, I have received a lot of valuable support both online and at face to face networking events. I also joined the October peer support group which has been invaluable.”

Kelly Kuhn has stepped up to Chair the Remuneration Committee at ISS A/S.

Kathleen McAdams was appointed as a board member at Hanover Housing Association. She said, “Pre-interview 1-on-1 call was good for helping me frame my skills and experience and determine how to position myself for a first board role. It also gave me a level of confidence in my suitability for the role.”

Julia Smithers was appointed as a board member at The City of London Solicitor’s Company.

Tracey Valentine has been appointed as trustee at Stevenage Citizens Advice. She said, “The one to one interview support was incredibly useful and I don’t think that I would have got the role without it. It helped me to understand the difference between a ‘normal’ job interview & a board interview.”

Heather Wade became an advisory board member of MenopauseX and TekioLabs.io

Grace Osborne was appointed as a board member at State2Bar.

Caryn Cox was appointed as Chancellor of St John’s Ambulance in Wales.

Joanna Baldwin joined the board of the National Museum of the Royal Navy on the Board of the HMS Victory Preservation Company.

Ellie Bulmer became a NED at the Wye Valley Trust. She said, “The 1-on-1 pre-interview support was invaluable and without doubt assisted me in securing the NED position. I also cannot fault the CV review webinar which really provides you with an opportunity to reflect on your CV from a different perspective. 

Tanit Curry was appointed as a board member at Ashoka White Oak Emerging Markets Trust.

Ann Mee has been appointed as NED and Chair at Slater Heelis. She said, “[The Women on Boards team] gave really good constructive advice .. which I used in my application for this role.”

Charlotte Fraiberg has joined The Royal Photographic Society as Treasurer – a role she found through the Women on Boards website.

Katrina McTeague has been appointed as NED and Chair of the Audit & Risk Committee at the Department of Business and Trade.

Kudzai Manugo has been appointed as trustee at Art History Link-Up.

Julie Ashworth has stepped up to Chair the Institute of Directors (IoD) Scotland.

Heather Wade became an advisory board member at Etiq.ai and Peacock Technology.

Charlotte Heiss has been appointed as trustee at Family Action. 

Theodore Stevenson Hill has been appointed as trustee at Greater Change.

Pam Vick has been appointed as a NED and RemCo member at the Energy and Utilities Skills Group.

Linda Phillips has joined Hestercombe Garden Trust as Board Chair. She said, “Over the number of years that I have been a member of Women On Boards, I have always known that there is someone I can ask – both while preparing for a board appointment, and afterwards when the work begins.”

Anita Etheridge gained two trustee appointments – one at the Liberty Academy Trust and another at Tushinde Children’s Trust. She said, “[Women on Boards has] given me the confidence to apply for a role as Trustee – it was providing me with the belief I can do this.”

Katrina Shenton has been appointed as board member at COIF Charity Funds.

Alexandra Innes has been appointed as SID at Facilities by ADF plc.

Anino Emuwa has been appointed as board member at the Watch and Jewellery Initiative 2030.

Kathleen Ann McAdams was appointed as a board member to LifeCare Edinburgh. She said, “Joining Women on Boards and attending some of the courses, gave me the confidence to apply for the role. I hope to make use of the peer support, courses and materials to help me to be an asset to my new organisation.”

Caroline Slagmolen has become a board advisor to Artscapy Ltd, via Be the Business. She said, “Thanks to Women on Boards I was introduced to Be the Business which resulted fairly quickly in a position at a promising start up company. Very much looking forward to start this Board journey.”

Cathy Pitt was appointed as a board member to The Association of Investment Companies. 

Helen Humphreys became a board member at The Central Bedfordshire Group.

Janet Ryan was appointed as a board member to Community Integrated Care.

Alexandra Innes was appointed as a board member to Dowlais Group plc. She said, “It has been fantastic to have such a supportive and expert network available at Women on Boards as I have built up my portfolio NED career. Thank you to Fiona and the team for your amazing energy and enthusiasm in helping others to progress their NED careers.”

Janet Ryan has joined Cancer Research UK as an independent member of the audit committee. She said, “My pre interview discussions with Rachel were invaluable in preparing me to interview and explain my transition from an executive in for profit to a non executive, especially into not for profits. Advice on how to position my transferable skills and signposting all the resources women on board have to help was incredibly helpful. A big thank you to the entire team and wider network.”

Sarah O’Neill was appointed as a board member to the Housing Diversity Network.

Sarah O’Neill joined Homes in Sedgemoor as Committee Chair.

Sandra Witzel was appointed as a board member to the Research Institute for Disabled Consumers (RiDC) UK. She said, “The resources Women on Boards offered helped me restructure and optimise my resume to make it more suitable for board positions. I used the new CV to apply for a trustee role and it certainly helped in securing the initial interview.”

Alice Maynard has joined the University of York as Chair of Council.

Jenni Ng has secured a number of NED roles, joining Signal Sounds (via Be the Business) and Notion Limited (via Be the Business) as an Advisory Board Member.

Janet Ryan has joined Cancer Research UK as an Audit Committee member.

Megan Virrels has joined NatWest Group Pensioners Benevolent Fund as a Trustee.

Meg Lustman has been appointed as a NED at N Brown plc.

Nikki Fulford has joined Be The Business as an Advisory Board Member. Nikki said: “As I have not been a Board Member previously, Women on Boards has provided insight into what companies are looking for in a Board Member and the vacancy board has been super helpful.  Also connecting with others in a similar position has and will be invaluable.”

Deborah Lewis has joined Manor House Centre for Psychotherapy & Counselling as a Trustee. Deborah said: “The Women on Boards resources were hugely valuable in my search for and then selection of a charity trustee role. The practical advice and guidance given in webinars and also on the website regarding what to research and consider ahead of interviews, and what to ask during them, were very helpful. The podcasts with inspirational and seasoned Women on Boards members were also great in helping me decide what sort of direction to pursue at this stage in my career, and life. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Women on Boards to anyone looking to take either the first step as a trustee or NED, or gear up their portfolio career, and I will continue to avail myself of the expertise and support provided as I navigate the next chapter.”

Evelyn Dick has been appointed as Chair at West Lothian District Scouts and as trustee at Our Chalet Foundation.

Gill Barr has joined DFS Group plc as a NED and Chair of Remuneration Committee.

Liz Curran has joined Hammersmith, Fulham, Ealing and Hounslow Mind as a Trustee. Liz said: “Woman on Boards has been a great source of information, support and encouragement and I have also gained insight from the advice of other members via the 1-on-1 pre interview support and from the podcast too.”

Sarah Masotti has joined Caudwell Youth as a Trustee / Board Member. Sarah said: “Thank you for the board interview prep sessions, they were really helpful and made me feel confident to perform in the interviews.”

Angela Henderson has joined Polar Capital Global Financials Trust plc as an Independent NED.

Nikki Gwilliam has been appointed as a advisory board member with Be the Business. She said, “I wouldn’t have known about or had the confidence to apply if I hadn’t joined Women on Boards.” 

Abi Olapade has joined Citizens Advice Redbridge as Chair.

Caroline Mason has joined New Foundation Farms as Director Designate.

Roxanne Howdle-Rowe has joined Redbridge Council for Voluntary Service (CVS) as a Trustee.

Louise Wilson has joined Vertas Group Board as NED and Chair of their Remuneration Committee. Louise said: “Thank you both again for helping me – Rachel, it was so good of you to connect me to Alison, and Alison, your input and insights were hugely valuable to me in my diligence and preparation.”

Daniel Ward has recently secured a number of NED roles, joining Be The Business as an Advisory Board Member, and Parallel Learning Trust as a Board Member.

Claire Chapman has joined Loch Lomond and Trossachs National Park as Chair of Planning.

Helen Hobbs has joined Your Parks Bristol & Bath as Treasurer.

Gillian Elcock has joined International Biotechnology Trust plc as a NED.

Helen Rippon has joined Board of the British Association of Sports and Exercise Sciences as a NED. Helen said: “The support that helped me figure out how to pitch myself successfully as a NED was invaluable.  The Get on Board workshop is probably the most immediately useful piece of training I have ever done!”

Jo Evans has taken up the role of Chair at Bath Building Society where she was an existing NED.

Eilidh Anderson has been appointed as an Advisory Board Member with Be the Business. She said, “I signed up to be a Women on Boards member in September and completed the Get on Board workshop in November. I am pleased to confirm I joined my first Advisory Board just a month later after finding the advert on the Women on Boards vacancy board. I have found the resources very useful, especially the online Board CV course and example CVs.”

Tina Kokkinos has recently secured a number of roles, joining Onward Group Ltd as a NED and Chair of Treasury and Finance Committee, and Fair4All Finance as a Member of Audit and Risk Committee. Tina said: “Using all of the services Women on Boards provide well equipped me for the application process and in fact made me more than prepared for what is needed to be successful. Thanks Women on Boards.”

Jo Marsh has joined The Dunstan Catholic Educational Trust as a Director.

Teresa Octavio has joined Kitwave Group plc as a NED. Teresa said: “Women on Boards has supported me through my journey to transition from an executive corporate career into a non-executive and advisory portfolio career. Helping me with my first Board CV, providing interview prep support and through mentoring. I have benefitted greatly from being a member of Women on Boards.”

Caroline Naisbitt has joined Worcestershire Heritage, Art and Museums as Chair of Trustees.

Caroline McLaughlin has joined Social Investment Scotland as a Board Member. Caroline said: “I was focused on finding an opportunity in Scotland and the ease of searching for positions in Scotland on the job board, as well as attending a Women on Boards networking event in Edinburgh, helped to set me up for success when applying for the role.”

Jacqueline Morrison has joined Court of Queen Margaret University as a Lay Member. Jacqueline said: “Women on Boards helped by setting up a call with one of their existing members who sits at board level within the higher education sector.  This was invaluable by giving me a greater level of personal insight and perspective on issues surrounding academia and suggestions for further reading in preparation for interview.”

Nicky Neal-Smith has joined St Catherine’s Hospice in West Sussex as a Trustee and Chair of the Board Effectiveness Committee.

Alessandra Mongiardino has joined Triodos Bank UK as an iNED. Alessandra said: “I really benefitted greatly, and do benefit, from being a Women on Boards member!  The workshop ‘Get on Board: Realising Your Board Potential’  was an excellent introduction, as I started my NED search in earnest. Rachel Tranter’s 1:1 support was extremely useful in the run-up to the interviews. Thank you Women on Boards!”

Belinda Howell has joined Digital Catapult as a Board Member.

Charlotte Sutcliffe has joined Sheriffhales Primary School as Vice Chair of Governors. Charlotte said: “Taking part in the 2021 Women on Boards Capgemini Cohort gave me a new outlook on both my career and personal life. With the energy and encouragement from the sessions, I decided to take the leap and find out more about the NED positions in which I was both interested in and where I could use my professional experience to add value. I am now the Vice-chair of a School Governing Board, and once my children are a little older, I plan to seek opportunities further afield as well (I regularly read the advertised posts on the Women on Boards website!). Taking on this role has boosted my own confidence in my work role, encouraging me to take on new accountabilities and responsibilities. The benefits have been enormous for me, and I have won both a Capgemini GEM Award and have also been promoted within Capgemini. The support and energy from WoB has been both inspiring and powerful, and I now encourage others to join.”

Diane McCrea has joined Waterwise as a NED.

Jemma Chambers has joined Citizens Advice Nottingham and District as a Trustee. Jemma said:  “I would never have considered myself suitable, or confident enough, to apply for a board position until attending the Women on Boards training course!  It was something I’d thought about but had no idea how to do it or if I was ‘good enough’ for such a position.”

Sarah Wilson has joined Citizens Advice as a Trustee.

Lenna Cumberbatch has joined Rooftop Housing Group as a NED.

Nell Axelrod has joined Age UK Bromley & Greenwich as a Trustee.