For Employees of our Corporate Partners

How you benefit from a Corporate Partnership as an Employee

"I used the excellent resources from WB Directors [and] secured an interview for the very first Board position I applied for, and a position at the second application."
Corporate Partner employee

As an employee of a Corporate Partner, this is what we offer you, if you join our network.

WB Directors believe in actively owning and managing your professional development, creating career options, and ensuring you constantly learn.

Via our network and our events, we can help you, as an employee of a Corporate Partner, to connect with other ambitious individuals across various industries. We can also support your Professional Career development and enable you to join boards via our various NED support services.

Alongside encouraging you and supporting you to develop your career actively, we believe you are never too young to enter the boardroom, and take on a non-executive role alongside your day job. Joining the right board for you can benefit your overall career development.

Many of our members are experienced non-executives with either portfolio careers or have successfully balanced NED, Trustee or Governor roles alongside their day jobs.

Full Membership to our network

As a Full member of our network, via your corporate partnership access, you will receive the following benefits;


As an employee of a Corporate Partner, all you need to do to access the above benefits is to click on this Full Membership link and register using your @company email address, alongside clicking on the last box at the bottom of our registration form stating that you work for a Corporate Partner of WB Directors.  If you do this, you will not be charged the standard £195 Membership Fee. Should you have any issues registering as a Corporate Partner employee, please email us

Our Resource Centre provides you a wealth of knowledge and insight to aid you make good career skills learning decisions as you plot your next steps.

If you join as a Full Member via your Corporate Partnership email address, you will be able to access all of the above resources and will have full access to our Career and Leadership Resources.

Have you considered joining a community board role yet?


Are you interested in board roles? ​

One of the single most transformational actions you can take for your career is to join a board as a non-executive. You are never too young (or too old)! We can help you find the right board which will value your skills – and help you build your networks and strategic experience.

Find out more about why joining a board is suitable for your career

Our WB Directors network specialises in enabling professionals to take on non-executive positions at all career stages. What we do works – 8 members gain a new board role each week.

All employees of our Corporate Partners can join as Full Members of our wider Boards network, regardless of gender for, FREE.

Everyone is welcome to join our enabling and diverse* network, which will connect you with professionals from all sectors and career stages. It will expose you to the benefits of a non-executive career and help you understand how to begin or boost yours.

*When we say diverse, we mean industry and diverse in seniority levels. We welcome men and women into our network and have supported many men joining boards over the years, but our networks roots are ‘women on boards’ so if you are attending any of our networking events outside your corporate environment you will find that our network is female-dominated. However, rest assured, we understand inclusion, and there is nothing gender-specific about our board’s network (in terms of content knowledge). There is nothing gender-specific about the board room. What we do works and we will support anyone, male or female, interested in getting on and wanting to tap into our unique support and enabling boards offering.


If you have any further queries or issues in joining WB Directors via an existing or a new Corporate Partnership, or wish to establish a new one, do check our FAQs or contact: / 020 3925 4080.

Professional Development Support

We won’t tell you how to run your career or change your personal style. Instead, we share information and advice – based on leading global research and the lived experience of our diverse leaders – that you can adopt to meet your ambitions.

Membership to the WB Directors’ networks will enable you to own and actively manage your career via our internal in-house events, as contracted by your organisation and or via you accessing us via our external network support, events and resources.

Corporate In-House Programmes

If you cannot access an in-house workshop, talk or programme run by WB Directors, consider one of our open training sessions, run for all our network members. For example our ‘Get on Board’ workshop shares all you need to know to start develop a non-executive career to complement your day job.

We also have a Getting to the C-Suite Leadership Programme if you are interested and cannot get onto a suitable skill-based internal corporate sponsored programme as well as mentoring and other support options; see below.

If you want to find out if you can access any of our in-house support from your employer, contact your internal WB Directors lead or contact via email, and we will point you to the right person to talk to internally.

Individual Support for You

Should you need it, we can offer personal 1-on-1 support, which has been designed to help you get the edge at critical points in your career.

For a link to our 1-on-1 offerings, please click on this link


We have a range of events and support masterclass offering for you should you want to engage, network and meet our other members, which involves; Networking live sessions, Peer-to-Peer Support Groups, Impact Masterclasses, Success Story webinars and various career information sessions for you to engage with if you are interested.


What employees say

Not an employee of a Corporate Partner?

If your company is not yet a Corporate Partner, but you think that it should be and there is someone you think we ought to speak to internally, please get in touch so we can support you and our corporate becoming a member. Get in touch at: / 020 3925 4080.

If you are unsure if your organisation is a Corporate Partner, then look at this website page which will give you a list organisations who are current partners. Please note that a few companies will not allow us to use their logo, so this list is not comprehensive.

For information about Corporate Partnership and what this involves, click on this link