Become a Corporate Partner

Impactful strategies to effectively nurture diverse talent.

Our in-house professional development programmes include career workshops and talks, tailored to all career stages. These range from career development tips to board development programmes moving into to deep-dive specific masterclasses.

On-going access to our ‘boards’ network (open to all genders) which provides access to NED, Trustee and Governor vacancies as well as 1-on-1 NED interview support and professional development advice.

Our Tailored ED&I and Leadership Development programmes are available and designed according to your needs and current challenges.

We can also engage your board, and senior leaders, on ‘Effective and Collaborative Leadership’ to aid understanding around the complexities of leading diverse teams successfully.

Our diverse and inclusive partners, who lead our engagement, believe in giving research backed professional development information and choice to you and your employees.

WB Directors are proud to work with organisations as part of their talent development and retention strategy – an investment in the professional development of your employees.

We add value to individuals and organisations by successfully planting ‘ambition seeds’ to enable younger and senior individuals to believe that they can take on senior management and leadership positions and take on career-enhancing board roles should they wish to.

A Corporate Partnership with WB Directors will support your organisation in creating lasting cultural and behavioural change. We will via, our partnership, provide information, encouragement, and connections to help employees get to the top of your organisation and or take on a career-enhancing board or committee role. Our work we do with you will help break down the barriers to becoming a senior leader and enable your employees to entering the boardroom, aiding you to in building a strong pipeline of talent for your organisation in the future.

WB Directors have a range of Corporate Partnership Packages to suit your organisational needs. Upon commencement of a partnership with WB Directors, your employees will be given Full Membership of the WB Directors network. They can tap into all of our network’s membership offerings and benefits. We will then work with you on the agreed learning outcomes through your chosen membership option.

Our workshops, talks and masterclasses can be fully tailored to support your organisation’s talent development and retention priorities. But we have several ‘CORE’ workshops and ‘Steps to Success’ deep dive skill development workshops, should you be interested.

The WB Directors team combines the lived experience of diverse leaders with research-backed evidence to bring your employees highly effective strategies for success.

What is involved in a corporate partnership and our Comprehensive Offering?

Our standard Corporate Partnerships start from £12k per annum and include the following:

An in-house talk

Our charismatic presenters can inspire a large group of employees to proactively manage their careers; lead a smaller group in a discussion on what inclusive leadership means, or engage employees on a related topic of your choosing.

In-house workshops

We tailor our content to your priorities, with options for early, mid and later career stages. We share career planning strategies, the benefits and practicalities of taking on a non-conflicting, voluntary board role at all career stages and aid your employees plan ahead if they are considering a portfolio career.

Full membership of WB Directors network

Normally available for all staff, this highly impactful network offers broad connections across all sectors and career stages, and will provide  individual employees with support around non-executive roles.


For more information on our corporate offerings, our workshops, and engagement talks click on this link.


The common thread for winning companies, with regarding bottom-line performance, is that these organisations have taken a systematic approach to ED&I and leadership development.

WB Directors’ work for our corporates is all about inspiring and encouraging employees to stay in business and get to the top. We actively help organisations strengthen the pipeline of future leaders by supporting people to think differently about their careers and encouraging them to consider taking on a board role to enhance their leadership and oversight skills. Consequently, we advocate the benefits of gaining non-executive experience on a non-conflicting, voluntary board at any career stage. The strategic leadership experience and governance knowledge you will gain from sitting on a board will enhance networks and catalyse for many ambitious professionals enabling them to reach the next level.

WB Directors, when meeting your employees, and talented professionals, actively encourage them to manage their careers and find a professional development strategy that works for them. Our focus is on giving the professionals that we meet research-backed tips they can test and try out the next day as they navigate their unique career circumstances.

We know from research that the under-represented group, female or male, may need to employ additional strategies to secure the success they merit. Our workshops have been designed to support your employees in their development, and we engage with them after our workshops or talks should they reach out to us for further support as part of a Corporate Partnership with us.

An Influential Network

WB Directors is one of the most influential networks in Europe, with over 10,000 members, all of which are focused and highly ambitious. The WB Directors network is made up of both executives and non-executive directors. Our virtual and live events extremely valuable to any of your employees wishing to widen their networks and allows them ability to access other senior and ambitious professionals.

We have an extensive Resource Centre available to your employees covering critical topics like; Career & leadership, Your Board CV, Sector Insights, Finding your First Board Role, Portfolio Careers, Excelling in the boardroom, Governance Resources and more.

For more information on the value of membership to your employee, click on this link.

Any organisation that becomes a member will be given a performance report tracking our engagement with your employees and their success. Data matters, as does impact, so we will support you in collecting the data you need to measure outcomes.

Board Development Programmes

Over the years, we have run several Board Development tailored programmes, aiding some boards and companies in developing their executives to take on subsidiary board, main board and or committee roles. If you would like to talk to our Corporate Team about one of these tailored boards programmes, do connect with our corporate team via our email box.

Employee Representative Groups

WB Directors have, over many years, worked with and enabled Employee Representatives Groups (ERGs) to deliver skills-based talks and workshops via our  Corporate Partnership offerings. ERG members at Corporate Partner organisations feel empowered by our ‘Power-Hour’ talks because they are research-backed and delivered effectively. ERGs are a great way to communicate WB Director Corporate Partnership benefits to your employees as during these talks, we engage with them in owning their careers whilst at the same time planting various ‘board’ development seeds with them, in line with this ‘7 Reasons’ article. Being involved with your community as a leader can be very empowering and aid social mobility.

Our Corporate Leadership Team

WB Directors has a diverse and talented team of leaders who can offer practical career management strategies to enable your employees to reach their full potential with authenticity.

For information on some of our diverse leadership, click on this link

The WB Directors team combines the lived experience of being diverse leaders with research-backed evidence to bring your employees highly effective strategies for success.

Because of the diverse nature of our Corporate Team, we have and do run several ethnic and black leadership development programmes.