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Cyber security threats now pose a risk to organisations in all sectors. Cyber-crime is a multi-billion pound global industry and no company, however small, can afford to assume “it won’t happen to us”. Added to this, with the Covid crisis, companies are now having to deal with most employees working from home. Suddenly the cyber threat has risen exponentially.

Non-executive directors and Trustees need to be aware of the types of threats that exist, such as ransomware, brute force and the more familiar DDOS; as well as the huge part that social engineering plays in cyber breaches. They also need to have insight into the questions that the board should be asking the executives in this area, such as:

  • Can you confirm that all employees have cyber-security training at least once a year?
  • Are we working towards certification under the UK Government’s Cyber Essentials scheme? (If not, why not)
  • Have we reviewed our supply chain to understand how their access to our networks might compromise our security? Or how failures in our own systems could threaten organisations we work with?

Most importantly, board members need to know that cyber-security is not an IT issue to be delegated and forgotten. The threat of a cyber-attack is a critical risk that could damage shareholder value, brand reputation and customer sentiment.

This is a webinar recording of an event that provided a background to the cyber landscape, highlighted some best practices that organisations deploy and ultimately help arm you with the information you need as a NED/Trustee so you can ask the right questions in the boardroom.

The Speaker

A Member of Women on Boards since 2016, Charlotte is an experienced director with over 22 years of IT experience, the last decade dedicated to Cyber security, Data centre, AI and cloud. Charlotte has experience managing complex projects and driving change, building, developing and managing large teams across wide geographical areas, such as Europe, Middle East, Africa and Russia. Previous experience running combinations of sales, engineering, cyber risk, Marketing and Services teams of various sizes from 12 to 320 people.

Charlotte joined ServiceNow to lead an executive client Team of 5, managing global accounts such as in Consumer-packaged goods, transport and services

Charlotte has a deep rooted passion for diversity and belonging, running a small mentor pod to help others progress in their careers, building out a vibrant, structured LGBTQ+ chapter, working with various charities that help build a better future for all. Previous member of the Corporate Social responsibility board in EMEAR for Cisco.

Lesson 1 – Cyber Literacy for the Boardroom