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Career & leadership

Advice and insight on reaching your career potential and taking an inclusive approach. See also our regular Career Check-In events.

Leading vs Managing

Understanding the differences between leading and managing is crucial for effective decision-making and team dynamics. Although the two terms are often used interchangeably, they have subtle differences that impact outcomes. […]

Securing a Board Position - 5 Simple Steps

Finding a board appointment that suits your interests, skills and geography takes patience, determination and effort. We’re here to help. Our focus is to encourage, inspire and actively support women […]

NEW member service for 2024 - Career Check-Ins

NEW from WB Directors – regular insights and support for our mid-career members. We know many of our members are building their strategic skills through a board role alongside emerging […]

Staying authentic as you progress your career

As we move through our career, we can lose sight of our purpose and personal style, finding our determination and confidence can waver. It’s important to reflect on our values, […]

Getting heard in meetings

Meetings are key forums for making your influence felt and establishing yourself as a leader (potential or current). Yet women and people of other underrepresented groups often struggle to be […]

How to overcome blockers in the workplace

Blockers in the workplace are challenging, frustrating and draining! Dealing with “blockers” in the workplace is a pervasive challenge, causing considerable frustration among professionals. According to UGM’s Personal Influence at […]

Fiona Hathorn's Top Tips for Career Success

Fiona Hathorn, our co-founder and CEO, shares her advice on realising your career goals – based on global research findings, combined with her personal experience building a successful career in […]

Your Career Map

Building a successful career is something that rarely ‘just happens’. Proactive and life-long career management is a key factor to success – particularly for those from under-represented groups. Our Career […]

Are You a Leader or a Manager?

Do you understand how to think strategically, oversee change and/or manage a diverse team innovatively and collaboratively? Fiona Hathorn, our co-founder and MD, considers leadership & management and how both […]

How to ask for a pay rise

Equal Pay Day signifies the day in the year that women effectively stop earning, relative to men. Or put another way, in comparison to the average man on a full-time […]