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Where you can find a board role to suit you - and how to put yourself forward successfully.

Preparing for a Board Interview - 10 Tips

Rowena Ironside, Sarah Laessig and Caroline Emmet; If you have made it to an interview, we want to make sure that you do yourself justice. Have you done the preparation […]

Are You Board Ready?

Many consider a non-executive position to be something you take on after a successful career. We disagree! Increasingly, modern leaders combine executive and non-executive roles throughout their careers. Whilst the […]

Board Meetings - What's Involved?

Confidence is key to success in life and in the boardroom.  If you have never attended a board meeting before, this article aims to demystify the experience. Board meetings come […]

Governance Basics

All boards are tasked with the governance of their organisation, which broadly involves strategy, scrutiny and compliance. Here we bring together some useful resources surrounding compliance and the different codes, structures […]

What Does a Non-Executive Director do?

A legal perspective. By Tanya Shillingford, Partner at Goodman Derrick LLP However, the steps that executive and non-executive directors are expected to take so they can discharge their duties will […]

Top Tips for Joining a Board

Fiona Hathorn, Women on Boards UK, October 2018 To get anywhere in life you need to know; who you are, where you are, and how you might get there?  It sounds quite […]