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Career Check-In: Staying authentic as you progress your career.

Explore values-based goal setting to remain true to yourself. | Career Check-In

Date and Time
23 Jan 2024
13:00 - 14:00
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As we move through our career, we can lose sight of our purpose and personal style, finding our determination and confidence can waver. This talk will share powerful strategies for values-based goal setting to ensure we remain true to ourselves, whilst maintaining momentum and motivation.

A truly successful career requires us to dig-deep to achieve our goals. At times, most
professionals struggle with this, questioning our motivation to endure and overcome the
challenges. For some, once strived-for achievements ring hollow. Others even question the
person we are becoming as we evolve into management and leadership positions.
We will share how taking a holistic approach to your life and career supports you to remain
true to yourself as you move through your career. By prioritising values-based goals, you gain
a greater sense of confidence and accomplishments beyond material gain to embody the
desired version of yourself.

This talk shares how to place your personal values at the core of your career success, and set
actionable goals that align with them to move you forward.

Dr Malcolm McGregor will cover:

  • identifying the values that uniquely drive you;
  • differentiating values, goals and outcomes – and understanding how they interact;
  • setting values-based goals;
  • managing uncertainty and change in your career path.

This virtual event is free to Full and Directors’ Circle members. It will also include opportunity
for Q&A and sharing experience with other members of our network, under Chatham House



Dr Malcolm McGregor

Head of Leadership Development, WB Directors

Malcolm’s background is in UK food retailing, where he worked for 10 years, before leaving to take up a role as an international leadership consultant that has spanned twenty-five years. Working across multiple sectors and diverse organisations, Malcolm specialises in executive coaching; team and Board facilitation and the design and delivery of leadership programmes.

Malcolm’s passion is on helping individuals and teams deliver their maximum impact for both organisational and career success. As a result, he invests significant time in academic institutions to ensure the latest evidence-based research is used to inform his practice.

Malcolm has spent 10 years as an associate and Ambassador with WB Directors, delivering their flagship C-Suite leadership programme. He currently lives in Edinburgh and is a keen walker, swimmer and cyclist. In his spare time he enjoys his garden and being an active singer with the Gilbert and Sullivan chorus.