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Ask a Director

Confidential conversations for our Directors’ Circle members.

Ask a Director
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We will email you to arrange a time/s of mutual convenience for your service or feel free to get in touch at contact@wbdirectors.co.uk . If you require a service within the next two working days, please contact us before purchase to check availability. You have 6 months to arrange your service, after which it will be deemed to have expired. Refunds can only be offered if no mutually convenient time can be found. No refunds are available after you have received the service.

We will connect you with other Directors’ Circle members for confidential conversations about your boardroom concerns or problems. Whether you’ve just been asked to Chair a RemCo, need to manage a compliance issue with your regulator or have a tricky inter-personal dynamic in the boardroom to contend with – we will connect you with someone who has ‘been there, done that’ (or as close as possible).

If you need utmost privacy, a trusted member of our team can gather responses from one or several Directors’ Circle members on your behalf.

This service is available for our Directors’ Circle members only. Get in touch with our small, friendly team to arrange a call. Email: contact@wbdirectors.co.uk or call: 020 3925 4080

Fair use policy applies. Conversations should be limited to 1 hour maximum. We ask that all Directors’ Circle members be open to sharing their experience in this way.

This service does not imply legal or other advice nor a coaching/mentoring relationship, but simply facilitates sharing of experience and/or ‘a sounding board’ with someone similarly experienced.