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Boardroom Book Club

Discuss wide-ranging topics with fellow directors in our 3-part book club.

Date and Time
25 Sep 2024
18:00 - 19:00
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Director’s Circle
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Refunds for all our individual events are available if notice is given three business days prior by email or telephone, or one month prior to first session of our programmes. After this, a transfer to another event will be given. Cancellations on the same business day will not generally be eligible for a refund or transfer, however you may substitute someone to come in your place. In the case of exceptional circumstances let us know and we will consider a refund/transfer.

Join our book club series, designed for experienced non-executives, to discuss wide-ranging topics with relevance to business and board directors today. Our (usually) non-fiction series covers macro socio-economic issues that relate to the context businesses operate in, what impact they have and the responsibilities of organisations in today’s world.

Led by Shefaly Yogendra, a highly experienced portfolio NED herself, this series of three discussions will be an opportunity to consider the bigger issues facing today’s boards and businesses. In a small group of max. 15 members, you will come together across three sessions to develop your understanding of ideas raised in the books proposed.

The books selected for this book club series are:

First Session: Wednesday 25 September, 6pm to 7pm

The Counting House by Gary Sernovitz

The Counting House examines the inner life of the CIO of an endowment fund as he weighs it up against the vagaries of the market forces he must contend with. We have read fiction in the book club before and the idea always is to look for abstract themes applicable in the boardrooms we sit in. Should also appeal to the resource-allocation-minded amongst us and it is not always corporations’ money we need to see as resource.

Second Session: Wednesday 23 October, 6pm to 7pm

Co-intelligence: Living and Working with AI by Ethan Mollick

From Wharton professor and author of the One Useful Thing Substack, comes an urgent and definitive playbook for working, learning and living in the new age of AI.

Third Session: Wednesday 20 November, 6pm to 7pm

How to blow up a pipeline by Andreas Malm

How to blow up a pipeline is a book now made into a film. In 2024 many major countries – India, the UK, the USA and a growing number of European countries — have gone to or are going to national elections. The schisms emerging include climate scepticism amongst voters. Malm’s argument is that that sabotage is valid and logical climate activism, and that both pacifism within the climate movement and “climate fatalism” outside it are flawed. We have to contend with a range of climate views in our boardrooms and this will be a thought-provoking read. 

Participants should come to each session having read the book. The price above is for all 3 sessions which take place on the above dates and times (books not included).