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Impact and Influence: Presence and Communication

IN-PERSON - This hands-on Masterclass is designed to increase your communication skills to operate as an influential leader in the boardroom and/or interview settings. 

Date and Time
19 Jul 2024
09:00 - 13:00
Fidelity International, 4 Cannon Street, London, EC4M 5AB
Director’s Circle
£ 550
Full Member
£ 550
Digital Member
£ 690
£ 700

Sorry, this is now fully booked.

We do get cancellations so please join our waiting list. Email us at: contact@womenonboards.co.uk

Terms & Conditions

Refunds for all our individual events are available if notice is given three business days prior by email or telephone, or one month prior to first session of our programmes. After this, a transfer to another event will be given. Cancellations on the same business day will not generally be eligible for a refund or transfer, however you may substitute someone to come in your place. In the case of exceptional circumstances let us know and we will consider a refund/transfer.

Feel you aren’t ‘taken seriously’ as a leader? Need to ‘land’ your points succinctly in fast-paced sessions? Struggle to keep composed and clear under pressure?

Whether you are dealing with these very common issues or just want to understand how to improve your communication skills at a senior level, this is for you!

Limited to just 6 participants, this extremely hands-on session includes numerous practical exercises throughout the four hours (which will fly by!).

It also includes a 1-on-1 virtual follow-up session with our highly experienced communications coach, Stephanie Hughes. 

Our Impact & Influence Masterclass is designed to give you strategies to take control of your impact in board meetings, high-level presentations and/or interview settings. It will give you tailored and actionable techniques to build resilience and perform effectively at this level.

The skills needed to come across with confidence, in whatever situation, are something that Stephanie has direct experience of, having presented for national TV and radio for nearly two decades and run her own communication skills company for over 15 years.  Her methods don’t come from a textbook, but from real life. 

Stephanie also has specialist coaching skills in the area of dealing with stress or nerves and has a deep understanding or what is needed to keep a clear head and stay in control of meetings &/or interviews when “the heat is on”. She has several simple, clear exercises to help you stay confident and motivated even when the scenario is far from easy.

What to expect:

The workshop is highly interactive and will include filming and reviewing each of the attendees.

The session will cover:

  • Personal impact: are you creating the right/best impression
  • Confidence: how can you increase your leadership presence in key meetings
  • Content: shaping convincing arguments and being concise
  • Handling Q&A: effective strategies for both delivering and receiving questions
  • Dealing with stress/nerves: techniques to put you in control

This Masterclass also includes a 1-on-1 follow-up session with Stephanie, arranged at a time of mutual convenience via Zoom.

This could be to explore a specific communications challenge in more depth, prepare for an upcoming presentation or interview or another focus of your choosing. Further sessions can be booked with Stephanie at any time at additional cost, discounted for Masterclass participants.


Stephanie Hughes

Founder, Farrier Communication, Women on Boards Ambassador and Masterclass Presenter

Stephanie was a presenter with the BBC for 18 years, communicating her insights and passions from the most intimate radio programmes to flag-waving international broadcasts. She brought her extensive experience to the world of corporate communications in 2005. Her clients range from Heads of Finance & Development to senior management in corporate finance, legal, engineering and architect/property firms.

Her learning and therefore her advice and courses don’t come from a book; they come from practical life experience.

For more information on Stephanie and her work, visit Stephanie Hughes Communication Skills Coaching.

Comments from past attendees:

“Stephanie was fantastic. She led the session with diplomacy, wit and honesty which put everyone at ease and allowed for all attendees to contribute effectively.”

 “I left feeling energised, more confident, and ready to go out and try some new techniques.”

“Really useful and also good fun – the latter was definitely an added bonus which I hadn’t expected! I loved some of the techniques we practised … and found the group of 6 to be ideal as it was supportive but also good to see other people in action too. Overall I was delighted with the course and wished I’d done it 10 years ago!”

“Your tips and guidance really hit home for me and I came away feeling hopeful and energised, with a whole bunch of notes.”

 “I have been at [my organisation] for three months now and today had to give a big presentation to the senior team. I went back over my notes from our session and prepared well, including mental prep. And it went so well, amazing feedback from some very different stakeholders. As I paid for the session myself, I can honestly say it was money very well spent, worth every penny.”

With thanks to our event host Fidelity International