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Developed in 2020, this in-depth leadership series support leaders of all types of organisation with practical tools and frameworks to act effectively in fast-changing environments. Whilst it is framed in the context of the 2020 phase of the Covid-19 pandemic, it’s highly relevant to navigating any volatile and uncertain external environment as an organisational leader.

The Covid-19 pandemic presents today’s leaders – both executive and non-executive – with challenges like no others before. Remote working under pressure will shine a microscope on our leadership skills – and the stakes are high. Some organisations will emerge stronger from this unprecedented disruption, dependent on the quality of leadership guiding them.

This six part webinar series has been developed especially for the Covid-19 crisis we are all living and working through. It is exclusive to Women on Boards and is relevant to non-executives and senior executive leaders in all sectors.

Designed and delivered by leadership experts, Julie Ashworth and Dr Malcolm McGregor of Broadreach Consulting, this series will show you tools to:

  • Ensure quality collaboration and robust decision-making with a remote team
  • Make your virtual communication effective and inclusive
  • Move your organisation from surviving to thriving in the current situation

Julie and Malcolm are both long-standing Women on Boards Ambassadors, deliver our Getting to the C-Suite leadership programme and in-house workshops for our Corporate Partners. Find out more about them here.

Individual lesson themes:

Lesson 1: Covid-19 An emergent opportunity? The role of the board when strategy needs to pivot

Covid-19 has almost certainly prompted changes in your organisation. But are these changes reactive and fragmented? Or part of a cohesive redirection of strategy to emerge stronger from this unprecedented period of disruption?

In this webinar we will focus on how to both lead and manage an emergent strategy. We will explore a range of tools that will help challenge and check your strategic thinking, and ultimately improve the quality of your new approach.

Lesson 2: The role of the Non-Executive at times of crisis – checks and balances to make better decisions

It’s an unusual and confusing time, undoubtedly putting executive leaders under significant stress. What should non-executives do to support them? And how can they retain effective oversight in such fast-moving circumstances?

In this webinar we unpick what the role of the Non Executive Director is and how you be effective during this crisis. We explore some checks and balances to help you in better decision making, both as a board and in constructively scrutinising decisions taken by the executive team.

Lesson 3: How to be visible in lockdown – making sure you keep the right people informed

It’s not just about visibility on a screen! Maintaining profile in a remote organisation presents a new challenge. And, as 90% of our communication is non verbal, how can we get our message across if we aren’t physically present?

In this webinar, we look to answer questions such as: How do I remain relevant remotely? How can I influence with virtual communication? And should I be leading or managing? Or both?

Lesson 4: Working well under pressure – solving problems and deciding on the best solutions collaboratively

All change brings pressure, and some people and businesses thrive under it. What do they have which allows them to succeed, where others may be falling apart? And how can we stay on top of our game, whilst under stress in both our professional and personal lives?

In this webinar we look at working with complex problems in a VUCA* environment, collaborating well under pressure and tools to support both these outcomes. We will also explore how to manage yourself when you’re under pressure.

*VUCA = volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous.

Lesson 5: If chaos is the new normal, how can you be effective? How to evolve, adapt and respond to change so as to grasp opportunities

When the world is changing around you so dramatically, how can you tell if you are being effective? How can you retain control within constant change? And how do you find the opportunities amidst the chaos?

In this webinar we talk through some models that help you adapt your effectiveness to a fast-moving context. We examine how to modify your usual responses so that you can grasp opportunities in times of chaos.

Lesson 6: Chairing complex meetings remotely – making sure the virtual boardroom is inclusive and effective

Board meetings become more frequent in times of crisis, and are required to address more complex problems. Whether your chairing or attending a virtual meeting, it’s important to be able to contribute effectively.

In this webinar, we consider how you can use your time constructively and use digital tools to facilitate effective, efficient decision-making. We also explore how to ensure all virtual attendees are heard – including yourself.

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Lesson 1: Covid-29 Emergent opportunity Lesson 2: The role of the Non-Executive Lesson 3: How to be visible in lockdown Lesson 4: Working well under pressure Lesson 5: If chaos is the new normal Lesson 6: Chairing complex meetings remotely