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Navigating your way to a board role is challenging, and headhunters may appear like a block in your path. Yet with the right approach, many of our members find their relationship with non-executive recruiters to be a valuable boost in their board career.

The reality is that working with non-executive recruiters is almost always part of the journey to the more competitive board roles. But why do organisations choose to recruit through them? How do non-executive recruiters differ from the headhunters you may be familiar with from an executive context, and who are the main players? What are headhunters looking for in board candidates and how should you approach them for most impact?

Leading coach and former headhunter, Amanda Alexander from Stork & May answers these questions in this webinar recording filmed for Women on Boards members. She outlines who’s who in the non-executive headhunter landscape, explains how it works and considers how to engage with recruiters to maximise your chances of securing the roles you aspire to.

The session covers:

  1. Understanding how the industry works
    • How headhunters work. The value they add to the organisations they recruit for. The sort of positions they usually recruit for and the number of briefs they work on per year. The standard organisational structure within search firms.
  2. The non-executive headhunter landscape
    • The main players in this space.
  3. How to approach headhunters as part of your board campaign
    • The level of seniority headhunters in the non-executive space want to hear from.
    • How you should be approaching them and who within the firm you should reach out to.
    • The information headhunters want to hear about you.

About the Speaker

Amanda advises, coaches and mentors CEOs, and senior executives, across all sectors and functions at moments of change including appointments to Boards as Executive and Non-Executive Directors. She has worked in manufacturing, real estate, insolvency and restructuring, business transformation and executive search/leadership development.

She spent ten years in Heidrick & Struggles – a global top 5 search firm – as a recruiter and leadership assessment consultant and then a Senior Partner and Global Head of Talent. She was personally responsible for recruitment, coaching and development of all consultants (partners and principals) and led the training of all partners and staff (research associates and EAs) worldwide.

Amanda has been NED of Broadgate Properties plc,Member of CBI London Council, and Trustee of Young Enterprise. She was a Senior Partner, in Heidrick & Struggles’ global management team; advised the World Economic Forum on leadership issues; and was a Partner at KPMG, with spells in strategy, transformation, restructuring, insolvency and real estate advisory. A Cambridge graduate and (very lapsed) qualified Chartered Surveyor, she began her career in the 1970s in industrial manufacturing. She joined Stork & May in 2009.

Stork & May was founded in 1995 and focuses exclusively on advising, coaching, and mentoring the most senior executives.

Lesson 1 – The Headhunter Landscape