board diversity

Turn on the Floodlights

Open your board to new talent with new recruitment approaches that allow for new styles of leadership and background.

To improve the odds of appointing from the broadest possible pool of top talent, you need to change your recruitment process. Here we make some suggestions on how that can be done. Our recommendations are grounded in research but are highly practical, based on our own experience and that companies who are now reaping the benefits of a diverse board.

with thanks to Arne Hole for the title

All change can feel risky, particularly in a climate where risks are high. Yet risk is also apparent in continuing with decades-old models of business-as-usual in a fast changing world. Our suggestions here are not pre-judging hiring decisions.

Rather we are challenging boards to turn off the spotlight which finds new board talent in a particular mould, and turn on the floodlights to considering candidates with different styles of leadership and background.