If you are considering an in-depth qualification to equip you to excel as a non-executive director, you can’t beat the coverage and quality of the INSEAD programme. This programme is a very significant investment for those already experienced at C-Suite and/or board in large-scale, complex organisations.

This programme is for men and women who are already operating at the C-Suite of large companies and/or who are on complex global boards already. Costing €22,500 across a total of 10 days, it is a major investment of both time and money.

Having this prestigious certificate will not get you a NED position – but it will put you in the super league as regards board knowledge and confidence in your board value add. Attending the course will also give you access to the INSEAD alumni education platform (for life long learning).

A recommendation from our CEO, Fiona Hathorn, who completed the programme in 2018.

“Held in France or Singapore this programme is a significant investment of both money and time; however “For anyone who sees the boardroom as a key part of their future career it is one I would recommend you consider.”

Having completed the course myself, I can vouch for its quality. The lecturers are outstanding and experienced global board directors in most cases. Whether you are currently sitting on or intending to join the board of a large complex company or simply want to upgrade your international governance best practice knowledge with a qualification, then this programme is the one for you – assuming you can afford it. I also felt you get 2 extra days of learning when you go to pick up your certificate. If you are already sitting on a board, you may be able to get part sponsorship to attend as it will undoubtedly bring benefits back to that organisation.

…it was the best ‘learning time’ I have ever had in my life.

The Best learning time

INSEAD asked me to attend the course so that I can get a real feel of what makes it different from other notable courses (the FT and the IOD course for example). Having attended all three of the course module 1, 2 and 3 (which take place over 3 month period) it is very clear to me that NEDs who sit on, or aspire to sit on, global company boards would benefit enormously from this course.

Honestly it was the best ‘learning time’ I have ever had in my life. As with any course, it will not get you a board position but it will make you a more effective board director who knows for sure that they can operate at a global level. You will enhance your understanding of best practice as regards the dynamics of boards and how to deal with multiple personality types, not to mention complex M&A situations.

The INSEAD International Directors Programme is, in fact, unique in its quality and focus. It covers the dynamics of boardrooms, dealing with complex valuations and takeovers combined with how to develop good governance processes.

The learning is all applied practically in a number of highly engaging exercises. It takes you through several board case studies and puts you through some interesting board simulations. Not only will you learn how to draw out the best from your boards but you will also learn how to bring in what INSEAD call ‘Fair Process’ – a system that ensures problems are framed correctly and a system that ensures you can deal with complex personalities.

What makes this programme different in my opinion is the global quality of the lecturers – they are serious thought leaders – and the complex valuation and case study work that you do in groups, under pressure as if you were in a boardroom. Also once you have attended the programme you are then part of their Directors Alumni Network, giving you access to fabulous post programme events and ongoing learning support enabling you to keep up to date as best board practices change..

About 10 WOB members have now been on the course including Mary Sue Rogers.

“The programme gave me access to some core tools and frameworks to sharpen my critical thinking on corporate governance issues and hone my judgement skills.”

Mary Sue Rogers

“The programme gave me access to some core tools and frameworks to sharpen my critical thinking on corporate governance issues and hone my judgement skills.

I also gained a lot from the sheer diversity of the group. My cohort of 30 participants came from more than 20 countries. We were a very broad mix, which led to a lot of sharing of knowledge and invaluable country-specific insights. At the same time, I really appreciated the fact that we worked off real case studies, where CEOs, heads of family-run businesses and board members came in to talk to us about challenges they’d overcome in running their businesses. We could interact with them and ask questions, which was much more useful than a theoretical approach.

Finally, attending the programme has given me access to the global INSEAD alumni network, which is wonderful. It facilitates the continuous exchange of ideas and best practice and it’s a great resource for things like seeking advice, or even terrific tips on holiday locations”.

More information on the programme is available.

Next steps

Myself or Mary Sue are happy to talk to you further if you are interested in enrolling – just get in touch. And please do mention you heard about the programme from Women on Boards if you do sign up.