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Full Boardroom Pathway

Are you ready to elevate your board career to the next level?

Full Boardroom Pathway
Director’s Circle
£ 3600
Full Member
£ 3600
Digital Member
£ 3600
£ 3600

Cost for you is: £ 3600

Terms & Conditions
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We will email you to arrange a time/s of mutual convenience for your service or feel free to get in touch at contact@wbdirectors.co.uk . If you require a service within the next two working days, please contact us before purchase to check availability. You have 6 months to arrange your service, after which it will be deemed to have expired. Refunds can only be offered if no mutually convenient time can be found. No refunds are available after you have received the service.

Our Full Boardroom Pathway is designed for those with sufficient executive leadership experience to realistically target competitive board positions.

It works best if you are actively pursuing board positions concurrently. If you’d like to discuss if this is suitable for you and your current goals, please:

This comprehensive package includes:

Elevating your NED Brand Masterclass

Our half-day Masterclass brings together a small cohort to understand how to elevate your board career, combined with our robust resource pack to deep dive into Board CV, LinkedIn and more. An established portfolio NED will also join the session to share how building a board career really works, answer your questions and share tips from their experience.

High-impact mentoring programme

Our mentoring program offers personalised guidance by connecting you with a mentor with extensive expertise in the competitive board landscape. What makes our mentoring unique is that it draws not only from the mentor’s personal board experience but also from the collective experience of our extensive membership. This six-session package is highly flexible and can be used between 3 – 12 months in London or virtually.

Network membership

Our open, inclusive network includes unparalleled services, including access to:

  • Our cross-sector Vacancy Board;
  • Resource Centre, with sector insights, headhunter A-Z, governance updates and more;
  • Virtual events, bringing expert updates and experience share from portfolio NEDs;
  • Regular in-person networking opportunities;
  • Significant discounts on Non-Executive Director certifications with IoD and FT NED programme.

Existing members wishing to take this Pathway should get in touch for an individual price.

Online learning resources

Our range of ‘Quick Courses’ cover what you need to know to present confidently and competently on key boardroom subjects. They offer a sophisticated grounding in less than an hour – filling knowledge gaps or providing a solid basis for in-depth learning alike.

Topics include:

  • Introduction to Governance
  • ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance)
  • Guide to the Headhunter Landscape
  • Financial Literacy for the Boardroom

Your mentor

Rachel Tranter, Co-founder and Director of WB Directors

Rachel Tranter, co-founder & Director

Rachel is a co-founder of WB Directors. She leads our Bespoke NED Search service, connecting recruiting boards and specialist headhunters with highly qualified members. She is also an experienced mentor, developing our impactful 1-on-1 support services. Rachel is an Independent Panel Member for the Ministry of Justice and an SME/scale-up board advisor. She has also held a non-executive role with the Amateur FA, combining her business acumen with her passion for football. Earlier in her career, Rachel spent nearly 20 years at PwC as an ATII-qualified global tax consultant.

If you’d like to discuss if this is suitable for you and your current goals, please: