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NED Branding 1-on-1 consultation

*Exclusive* for participants of our NED Branding Masterclass | Purchase within one month of your session.

NED Branding 1-on-1 consultation
Director’s Circle
£ 150
Full Member
£ 150
Digital Member
£ 185
£ 200

Cost for you is: £ 200

Terms & Conditions
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We will email you to arrange a time/s of mutual convenience for your service or feel free to get in touch at contact@wbdirectors.co.uk . If you require a service within the next two working days, please contact us before purchase to check availability. You have 6 months to arrange your service, after which it will be deemed to have expired. Refunds can only be offered if no mutually convenient time can be found. No refunds are available after you have received the service.

We know putting a plan into action is the hardest part!

We are offering exclusive 1-on-1 consultation to help you implement your learning from the NED Branding Masterclass. In a 45 minute session with an experienced non-executive and mentor, you will get clarity on how to move forward in your ‘campaign’ for the board roles you aspire to.

This session must be bought within 1 month of your Masterclass but can be arranged for any time of mutual convenience. Book here and email us at contact@wbdirectors.co.uk to arrange your session.

It works best to bring a focus on a specific area you would welcome an outside perspective and guidance on. This may be:

  • articulation of your NED brand and value-add;
  • which boards to target;
  • your Board CV;
  • your LinkedIn strategy;
  • approaching headhunters.

Your 1-on-1 session will usually be with your Masterclass leader, who already has got to know you and your background in the session. However, dependent on the topic you wish to explore in-depth, we may suggest another of our experienced NED mentors.

Book here and email us at contact@wbdirectors.co.uk to arrange your session. Please indicate which area you would like to focus on and approximate timing for your session.