Anjali Subburaj

Digital Commerce Chief Architect, Mars


“I am a technology leader and I decided to enrol on the ‘Getting to the C-Suite’ programme to refresh and broaden my leadership skills. It was a very good decision.

I work in a challenging field, so I need the best. Women on Boards’ ‘Getting to the C-Suite’ programme is clear-cut leadership content of the highest quality delivered at pace and with a convenient schedule.

For example, I found the ‘Leading Strategically’ module different to other strategic leadership training. It is far more modern and relevant as it starts from the premise that we work in a fast-paced, constantly changing, and complex environment. This is absolutely my experience working on global digital transformation initiatives, which need to be delivered at speed and with adaptability, yet you also need to retain a strategic direction.

“This module equipped me with a framework to act strategically in a changing environment and gave me the confidence to trust my instincts as a strategic leader.”

‘Leading Collaboratively’ was also very important to me. I do have deep expertise in my area, but in the current era, we work with several different and highly complex technologies. I would sometimes feel ‘put on the spot’ with a particular question that I could not answer in detail. Through ‘Getting to the C-Suite’ I have re-framed my technology leadership. I recognise it is not possible for any individual to have the detailed knowledge of every technology. Yes, I have strong digital skills myself, but my role as a leader is to bring people with right expertise together and know how to listen to, connect and make decisions based on their input. I now have the perspective and tools to do this.

I saw the value in developing my leadership skills, so decided to self-fund my place. I did find it valuable to share experiences with other senior women, especially as I am very much in the minority as a female doing technical roles in the technology industry. However, there is nothing ‘feminine’ about the course itself.

I would highly recommend Women on Boards ‘Getting to the C-Suite’ programme to anyone who needs modern, practical frameworks to use in challenging, fast-paced leadership roles – whether they are actively targeting the C-Suite or not.”

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