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Leadership Programme: Getting to the C-Suite Full Programme

Designed for senior executives around the must-have C-suite skills that research shows top recruiters are looking for, this six-module programme helps women step forward with confidence to secure leadership roles. Over 70% of our alumnae go onto secure a challenging new position and/or NED role. Our virtual programme includes five peer mentoring sessions to facilitate a supportive cohort and cement workshop learning.

Series Events

Getting to the C-Suite: Module 1, Leading Collaboratively

Date: 11 Oct 2023
Time: 09:00 - 12:30

Consider the impact of fast-changing contexts for collaborative decision making. Get tools to power-up problem solving talk, with a special focus on disagreement.

Getting to the C-Suite: Module 2, Leading Effectively

Date: 22 Nov 2023
Time: 09:00 - 12:30

Clarify the important differences between leading and managing, and how to build inclusive cultures. Focus briefly on ethical behaviour and the vital role of influence.

Getting to the C-Suite: Module 3, Leading Strategically

Date: 17 Jan 2024
Time: 09:00 - 12:30

Understand what strategy is and how to be more strategic. Examine the six essential skills of strategic leaders and get practical strategic tools that you can apply immediately.

Getting to the C-Suite: Module 4, Leading Change

Date: 07 Feb 2024
Time: 09:00 - 12:30

Recognise why change agility is a preferred alternative to traditional approaches. Consider how to use an experimental approach to change in your own organisational context.

Getting to the C-Suite: Module 5, Leading Purposefully

Date: 13 Mar 2024
Time: 09:00 - 12:30

Identify what you truly want to achieve personally and professionally. Access the most up-to-date research on goal setting success and apply it for yourself and with colleagues.

Getting to the C-Suite: Module 6, C-Suite Challenge

Date: 17 Apr 2024
Time: 09:00 - 12:00

Consolidate your learning in an interactive senior management simulation. Use frameworks and tools to analyse the case and develop and present recommendations.

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Terms & Conditions

Refunds for all our individual events are available if notice is given three business days prior by email or telephone, or one month prior to first session of our programmes. After this, a transfer to another event will be given. Cancellations on the same business day will not generally be eligible for a refund or transfer, however you may substitute someone to come in your place. In the case of exceptional circumstances let us know and we will consider a refund/transfer.

Booking information: 

To join the October 2023 cohort, please complete this pre-registration questionnaire to make sure this programme is suitable for your goals. There is an option to request a consultation call. 

Many participants receive part or full sponsorship from their employer as they integrate their newly acquired insights and practical tools into their current role immediately.

The cohort is limited to 20 participants to enable interaction and peer learning.

About this programme

Our Leadership Programme is different as it focuses on the skills and language you need to reach the most senior levels. Our powerful peer mentoring element brings the connections, confidence and perspective needed to step into the top roles. Over 70% of our alumnae have gone on to gain promotions and/or NED roles. 

Find out more about how and why our Leadership Programme works.

Module dates:

The programme comprises six half-day monthly modulesalongside five peer mentoring sessions, to create a supportive cohort and to cement module learnings.

 Module topicModule datePeer mentoring session   
Leading Collaboratively11 October 202318 October 2023
Leading Effectively 22 November 202329 November 2023
Leading Strategically17 January 202424 January 2024
Leading Change     7 February 202414 February 2024
Leading Purposefully 13 March 2024  20 March 2024
 C-Suite Challenge  17 April 2024No session 

All module sessions will take place from 9am – 12.30pm, with breaks and breakout room discussions throughout the 3.5 hour period.

The October 2023 cohort is limited to 20 participants.

Each module will be delivered by ZOOM, and will include Breakout Room discussions. One week after every module (except after The C-Suite Challenge) there will be a peer mentoring session(also via ZOOM) to create a supportive cohort which shares experiences, offers peer review and cements learnings.

Complete the pre-registration information here.

And register above to reserve your place today.

Many participants receive part or full sponsorship from their employer as they integrate their newly acquired insights and practical tools into their current role immediately.

Programme Content overview:

Participants can expect to gain the following benefits:

  • Skills enhancement drawing on leading research into what is demanded at the C-suite level;
  • A range of practical tools, tips and techniques that can be applied immediately in the workplace;
  • New change-leadership competencies to manage change as a constant, not simply a one-off project; 
  • A clear understanding of what it means to “be strategic”;
  • Follow up monthly briefings and learning alerts as part of a global alumni network.

Individual module contents:

Leading Collaboratively – Module 1

  • Know how to build strong teams that work collaboratively and inclusively for best outcomes.
  • Employ powerful techniques to get the most out of meetings.
  • Get an edge through powerful insights and tools for leading in diverse, multicultural organisations.

Leading Effectively – Module 2

  • Distinguish between leading and managing at senior levels and become better at both.
  • Use neuroscience to boost your influence in diverse contexts here and internationally.
  • Communicate effectively at all levels using a smart formula that boosts clarity and impact.

Leading Strategically – Module 3

  • Become crystal clear on what it means to ‘be strategic’ as a senior leader.
  • Learn how strategic thinking, strategic planning and implementation combine for project success.
  • Get a powerful set of practical tools to turbo-charge your strategic skills and implementation.

Leading Change – Module 4

  • Learn how to increase the effectiveness and success of your change projects.
  • Respond effectively to constant change and help your people cope with it.
  • Acquire a comprehensive set of change tools you can deploy in multiple change contexts.

Leading Purposefully – Module 5

  • Lead with purpose and integrity by clarifying your values and aligning your actions.
  • Build resilience through focus on the physical, emotional and values dimensions of your life.
  • Develop a robust action plan for achieving your C-suite goals.

No additional Mentoring Session: this module content is focused on personal challenges and aspirations.

C-Suite Readiness Challenge – Module 6

  • Test your C-suite skills in a real-life business challenge that you’ll tackle as part of a small team.
  • Design your solution to the problem, drawing on all the tools and models you’ve learned.
  • Present your team’s business plan for assessment by an expert panel and get constructive feedback.

Complete the pre-registration information
And register above to reserve your place today.

Follow-up support

The programme includes a series of module refresher briefing articles. Participants will have access, post each module to a series of e-learning alerts which refresh and cement learning from each module. These alerts will last 3 months.

The Getting to the C-Suite programme also includes ongoing support and membership from Women on Boards UK for one year. Additionally you will be given access to UGM’s more general ‘Leadership Briefings’, which will enable you to keep up to date with leadership best practice changes, should you wish to be added to UGM learnings alert list post the programme.

Is it for me?

We want to ensure this programme is the right one to help you reach your goals. The programme is for those in senior executive and management roles across the private, public and not-for-profit sectors, as well as those leading in a non-executive role.

Read the full programme information to find out more about its design, delivery and impact.

If you are unsure of your suitability for the programme, please complete the pre-registration information and request a consultation call.

If you have any other queries, please call our small, friendly team on 0203 925 4080 or email contact@wbdirectors.co.uk