Priyanka Singh

Senior Product Manager for Fraud Risk at HSBC

Last year, I was navigating various internal and external opportunities to identify my next career challenge and vertical progression. This was very much the trigger for me signing up to the ‘Getting to C-Suite Leadership Programme’.

My motivations were two-fold: one, being better prepared for that next step up in my career; and two, to broaden my perspective by engaging with a network of contacts across sectors and roles. The programme exceeded my expectations on both counts.

I thoroughly enjoyed the richness of the discussions due to the variety of experiences that participants brought to the table. We were also kept on our toes as we covered a great deal of content within the scheduled sessions. Some of the most valuable learnings that I have taken away include separating strategy and strategic thinking; how to actively transition from being an action owner or doer to influencing and providing stewardship; and the importance of making it safe to fail as we operate within such a fast-changing environment.

“The drop-in sessions to practise real-life interview questions were great to bring the modules to life and relate to my own circumstances and work context.”

Having completed the programme, I am utilising the learnings as I transitioned into my new role earlier in the year. I am now part of the Global team, working with colleagues and subject matter experts internationally, to mitigate fraud risk across diverse territories. The Getting to the C-Suite programme equipped me well for this more strategic and wide-ranging role. In fact, I have used several of the working templates included within the programme’s handbooks as they are so practical.

I am also now actively considering my first board position to broaden my portfolio.”

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