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What are the benefits of a Corporate Partnership?

"We build a strong pipeline to the C-Suite by encouraging employees to take on non-executive roles, early on."
Ancia Cronje
Former Head of Corporate Partnerships

Our Corporate Partnerships

There are significant benefits to a Corporate Partnership with WB Directors. Our Partners organisationally and individual employee members (of all genders) report impactful improvements across multiple areas.


Key benefits of our Corporate Partnerships include:

Recruitment & retention

Access to our industry-leading workshops, networks and resources fosters employee development and shows clearly your commitment as an employer to individual employee career progression. It improves career resilience and understanding of workforce dynamics. Ambitious and diverse employees hugely appreciate being part of the WB Directors network with access to our cross-industry network members and our boards community.

Professional development

When we meet your employees, we discuss with them the need to own their careers.  We give them access to research-backed information,  to help them make informed choices regarding their skills gaps as we walk them through how to improve their influencing skills and meeting management techniques to achieve more inclusive and effective decision-making.

We ensure that your employees are aware of good governance and the board’s role because we believe that all potential leaders benefit from understanding the boardroom, which is where the ultimate power lies. We aim is to support your employees in making promising career and life decisions while giving them access to our external ‘boards’ network should they be interested in considering a community board role now or one day in the future.

By facilitating employees to take on non-conflicting board and committee roles, you are allowing them to grow their knowledge around strategy, governance and broader leadership skills, enhancing at-work skills, increasing career satisfaction and growing personal motivation.


Encouraging your employees to leverage their skills and experience to support community organisations by exploring board and committee roles creates opportunities to give back to the community and makes a point of difference on their CVs.

Access to influence

WB Directors runs one of the UK and Europe’s most influential, powerful, and supportive cross-sector networks. We also have many global members who appreciate the quality of our offerings because our support and advice are relevant no matter where you live. Your employees (of all genders) will be welcomed into our ‘Board’ membership network. A network with thousands of ambitious executives and non-executive directors at all levels of experience who hold positions in the listed, private, public and third sectors. Employees at all career stages benefit from a membership with our network:

  • Early and mid-career level employees are exposed to governance roles as part of their longer-term career plans to take positions on not-for-profit, government and relevant industry boards.
  • ​Senior men and women are provided with strategic advice, networks and programmes that assist them in achieving positions on boards and in seriously considering directorship as a parallel or post-executive career.

Building the pipeline of future talent and enabling social mobility

Supporting diverse talent groups to excel in their careers and develop the skills to become future leaders. Access to directors and executives allows quality business interactions to build market and industry knowledge and networks.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Becoming a WB Directors Corporate Partner, demonstrates your genuine commitment to diversity, equity & inclusion by supporting individuals who wish to lend their talents to non-profit and community board roles.

Events, Leadership & Mentoring

Via membership to the WB Directors network your, employees will have free access to our twice-monthly virtual events, including networking opportunities, talks from influential executives and non-executives and topics that we believe are vital for professional development. These events and our wider ‘boards’ events programme will enable your employees to hear and meet influential leaders and experienced board directors various different sectors and communities.

Your ambitious employees will have access to our mentoring support and our Getting to the C-Suite Leadership Programme if they require extra support, and quality support that might not be available in-house.

Building your brand of Inclusiveness

By becoming a Corporate Partner with WB Directors, you can develop your brand through positive brand association.

Email us at to arrange a conversation with our team.

tailored packages to suit you

The right Corporate Partnership for your organisation

WB Directors offer a variety of membership packages to suit your organisation’s needs and budget. They all include critical elements to support, educate and retain your employees and position your organisation as a diversity leader – all through high-level content. The packages can be tailored to your needs with optional add-ons considered. Fully tailored board and leadership programmes can also be considered if you seek an impactful skills-based development programme.

Corporate Partnership Packages

Best for our larger organisations

Best for our larger organisations

Three workshops held in a 12month partnership

Best for medium organisations

Best for medium organisations

Two workshops held in a 12month partnership


Best for smaller organisations

Best for smaller organisations

One workshop held in a 12month partnership

Our Gold, Silver or Bronze standard packages include:

  • One networking event/talk (unlimited attendees)
  • Selected number and type of workshop/s (max 40 people each, or 65 each for virtual workshops)
  • Unlimited individual full memberships
  • Access to our corporate networking community
  • Opportunities for brand exposure

We are happy to work flexibly to deliver our content in person at your offices or virtually, enabling a more comprehensive range of employees and leaders to attend. Our virtual talks and workshops are specially adapted to this format and remain highly engaging.

Our CORE Corporate Partnership Packages allow you to select from various Professional Development workshops in either the career or board development area to suit your current needs and target area of development.

These CORE package options, described in more detail below, enable your organisations to determine a membership package with one, two or three workshops (or more). Our packages are complimented by giving your employees access to our network and board community. We include a launch and engagement talk, of your choice, at the start of every partnership with you.


Our in-house workshops

We have a range of workshops to choose from, but to help you choose what works best for you, we have three CORE workshops which can, if required, be tailored to your objectives and employee professional development needs.

It is your choice if you want us to run these workshops live or in a virtual format. Our professional partners, who run and facilitate our workshops, are adept at engagement and use breakout facilitation sessions as is appropriate.

These are our three CORE workshops;

  1. Managing Your Career – career planning and resilience, networking and influence (ideal for 25 – 35 age range)
  2. On Track For Success – managing your career and how board roles can accelerate success (ideal for 35 – 45 age range)
  3. Get on Board– realising your board potential – the why, the what and the how of the boardroom (40+ age range)

We also have a range of skills-based Masterclasses and Leadership Modules available; for information on these offerings, see below.

Our talks

Every partnership with WB Directors starts with an employee engagement talk to ensure that your employees are aware of the new partnership and the fact that they now have access to our ‘boards’ platform, should they be interested in joining a board alongside their day job as a professional development strategy, a non-conflicting role.

We offer a range of inspiring talks on various topics around active career management,  the boardroom (as a C-Suite executive or non-executive director) and leadership.

Depending on your target audience, we can deliver these in person or virtually for small or large groups. Our most popular talks are:

  • Seven Reasons Being on a Board is Good for Your Career – Adding a board or committee appointment to your CV is a sure way of drawing attention and validating your capabilities whilst catapulting your career up the ladder of success.
  • Building presence and networking – we will inspire individuals to think more strategically about their careers, improve their understanding of influence, enhance their effectiveness in meetings and understand how to network.
  • Influencing-Up – we discuss the difference between a manager and a leader and the power of influence. If you are good at influencing, it’s easier to get things done. Influencers are more productive, which usually results in a greater likelihood of getting promoted. Another advantage is that you’ll be seen as someone who can bring people together.
  • Leading Change – Change has become a constant for most organisations. Yet there often isn’t a great deal of attention paid to the specific skills to lead successfully in a complex, volatile and sometimes chaotic environment.
  • Getting to the C-Suite – As the war for talent intensifies, senior leaders need to chart a path through to leadership. So, it if vital that potential leaders have a plan and are aware of the skills they need to get to the top.
  • Leading Collaboratively – the evidence is incontrovertible; teams of like-minded individuals are unlikely to deliver competitive advantage or exceptional results. We will share the latest research on how inclusion enhances group intelligence and why innovation is essential to delivering top-class performance.

Our Skills-based Masterclasses

WB Directors also have a range of deep-dive skills-based masterclasses called ‘Steps to Success’, ‘Getting to the C-Suite’ and ‘Boardroom Success’.

If you wish to discuss our masterclasses, please do get in touch. We can tailor our various professional development programmes to your specific needs. For more information on our skills-based masterclasses, particularly our ‘Steps to Success’ and ‘Getting to the C-Suite’ leadership development modules, visit our Leadership, Mentoring and Advisory Information webpage.

Email us at to arrange a conversation with our team.

Specific Employee Network Benefits for Your Employees

All employees of our Corporate Partners can join as Full Members of the WB Directors network for no extra charge to them personally. Our diverse network will connect your employees with professionals from all sectors and career stages. It will expose them to the benefits of a non-executive career and help them understand how to strategically enhance their career via board roles if and when they wish to.

With your Corporate Partnership, your employees will receive the following benefits:

  • Full access to the Non-Executive Vacancy Board with 200+ vacancies at any one time
  • Discounts on WOB network events, workshops, and other services, and access to at least two free developmental events a month
  • Full access to all resources and information around the subject of leadership and how to succeed in the boardroom
  • Complimentary enrolment on the Build a Board CV online course and 1-on-1 pre-interview support and connections.

To access Full Membership, all your employees have to do is click on the Full Membership link and register using their @company email address alongside, clicking on the last box at the bottom of our registration form stating that they work for a WB Directors Corporate Partner. They will not be charged the standard £195 membership fee if they use their company email address.