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Sharing the know-how to really shift the dial on ED&I

An inclusive culture is essential to realise the sustained benefits of diversity fully. WB Directors have worked with a range of organisations for over a decade to support their strategy around Equity, Diversity and Inclusion and individual professional development.

We also offer a highly practical Leadership Development support, which will upskill potential and existing leaders of all backgrounds to work collaboratively and effectively. It will give ambitious professionals the skills and knowledge they need to get on, including giving them the techniques required to clinch stretch promotions.

Via our Corporate Partnerships and our Leadership and Skills based masterclasses, we can support your employees with their professional development requirements, and give them access to a powerful support network.

Our tailored programmes, run by experienced and qualified leaders who have the skills and knowledge to support your employees, ensure your employees reach the next level of their professional development. There are many workshop available to choose from alongside our CORE Managing your Career, On Track for Success and Get on Board workshops including:

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Additionally, WB Directors can connect your employees to other experienced leaders and mentors and offer them 1-to-1 mentoring and developmental support.

Over and above our CORE workshops and talks, we have a range of extra professional development ‘deep dive’ skills-based learning modules and programmes.

Our Leadership and Masterclass Development Programmes have run successfully for over six years

We have two developmental offerings; a ‘Steps to Success’ modular skills based learning programme and a ‘Getting to the C-Suite’ Leadership course.

Our Steps to Success (StS) programme

These StS 2-hour skills-based learning modules offer your employees practical tips and use experiential learning techniques. Each module will give your employees the tools to hone their abilities to take them to the next level as a manager or leader.

The Individual StS modules are:

  1. Influence up

Learn to identify and effectively influence key stakeholders who can support your career development. Learn how to influence your boss, including how to         manage a difficult boss.

  1. Build your business network

Understand network success and learn how to strengthen your network. Identify strengths and tackle gaps in your current network.

  1. Ramp up team performance

Learn tools to improve team performance – as a team member or a team leader. Ensure alignment and improve collaboration.

  1. Speak up and get heard in meetings

Develop key skills to speak up and collaborate in regular problem-solving conversations. Create a positive impression each time you speak.

  1. Create a vision for yourself

Learn to identify your ‘next step’ career goal that reflects your personal purpose, values and what truly matters to you.

  1. Present persuasively

Learn to be more persuasive through a sound argument structure, and apply this to a current challenge you face.

  1. Manage energy, not time

Understand the importance of well-being at work and develop a personal well-being plan. You can’t make more time but, you can create more energy.

  1. Set and achieve goals

Learn how to set successful goals using neuroscience insights. Turn your intentions into a dynamic action plan and build useful new habits.

     9. Confidence for high performance

Explored a range of confidence-building skills that support high performance and well-being.

For more information on our Steps to Success workshops, please get in touch via contact@

Our Getting to the C-Suite (GtCS) Leadership Modules & Programme 

Releasing the benefits of a diversity workforce requires high-quality leadership skills from managers at all levels, and of all genders. Our Leadership content is designed to share research-based, yet highly practical techniques, to enable participants to operate inclusively and effectively in hybrid and flexible working contexts within fast-changing operational environments.

There are 6-modules in our programme designed to upskill ambitious individuals to stretch themselves into divisional or C-Suite leadership roles. We can run this programme in-house or offer corporates access to our network based C-Suite Leadership Programme, which we run once a year. This network programme is run over a 6-month period (one module a month). It allows the individuals taking the programme to put into immediate practice their leanings and gain from the benefits of access to a broader and diverse group of individuals who work across industry.

The GtCS modules available are;

  • Getting to the C-Suite: Module 1, Leading Collaboratively

Consider the impact of fast-changing contexts for collaborative decision-making. Get tools to power-up problem-solving talk, with a special focus on disagreement.

  • Getting to the C-Suite: Module 2, Leading Effectively

Clarify the important differences between leading and managing, and how to build inclusive cultures. Focus briefly on ethical behaviour and the vital role of influence.

  • Getting to the C-Suite: Module 3, Leading Strategically

Understand what strategy is and how to be more strategic. Examine the six essential skills of strategic leaders and get practical strategic tools that you can apply immediately.

  • Getting to the C-Suite: Module 4, Leading Change

Recognise why change agility is a preferred alternative to traditional approaches. Consider how to use an experimental approach to change in your own organisational context.

  • Getting to the C-Suite: Module 5, Leading Purposefully

Identify what you truly want to achieve personally and professionally. Access the most up-to-date research on goal-setting success and apply it for yourself and with colleagues.

  • Getting to the C-Suite: Module 6, C-Suite Challenge

For more information about individual GtCS modules, please get in touch via  and connect via this link to our member network programme.

Our mentoring support is entirely flexible and high-quality

We know that individual support at the right points in a career can make all the difference. Our bespoke programme will match your employees with high-quality experienced mentors within our network for a defined period. All our mentors are experienced senior leaders are adept at using their lived experience to guide others in realising their ambitions.

WB Directors can also develop a wider in-house structured mentoring programme for the career development of a group of individuals. Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you would like to talk about an in-house mentoring programme.

These are our current individual mentoring offerings which are available to your employees;

Our Advisory Services can be tailored to your requirements.

Our Advisory Services consultancy is based on WB Directors’ deep knowledge of Professional Development and ED&I. We follow all the emerging research in the ED&I field and combine our practical experience, gleaned from working with leading firms for over a decade, so we can give you the support and advice you need. We understand the challenges of delivering impact across a broad remit with limited resources. Our impact-focused approach can help organisations prioritise activities within discrete areas or across your global strategy.

We also work with a range of consultants. WB Director can connect you with the ‘best of the best’ via our Partners who work in ED&I diagnostic consultancy, should you require additional support and advice.